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  2. I dreamt that I was at school and lots of people wanted to fight me for a reason that I can't remember. Once I'd finished beating the shit out of them, there were over a dozen immobile bodies scattered across the floor, with some necks snapped too. Definitely one of the most violent dreams that I've had in a while.
  3. You said that Luna serves no purpose; that her job is meaningless. That is not commenting on canon, yet you also claim it is not fanon. "Spoiled rich bitch" is an assumption, and is therefore fanon by your definition. This is speculation about events that we know almost nothing about. You simply appear to be simply moving the goal posts based upon who is doing the speculating. I don't need "dark forces" to explain anything or to forgive Luna. All I was saying is the comics actually took the time necessary to explore Nightmare Moon. Blaming the whole thing on jealousy is an oversimplified broad stroke written in what was essentially a bedtime story to read to foals; mental breakdowns are never that simple for anyone except toddlers. But a thousand years of battling monsters in dreams, nobody to talk to the whole time, with the exception of 5-minutes worth of breakfast over smiley-face pancakes before crashing, and then dealing with your own nightmares? Yeah, I could easily see that having some long-term detrimental effects. I have a similar distrust of Elsa's parents (and perhaps even moreso, the trolls) as I did with Celestia in the beginning. I don't have any judgement against Elsa, I was mainly curious. In a monarchy, it's not likely that they have a jury system, but regardless, Luna was punished, though Celestia's "solution" seemed more like a knee-jerk reaction than an actual plan, especially if the elements always had the ability to cleanse Luna of whatever screwed up idea was in her mind. Another thing that makes dark corruption likely though, while we're talking about free will, I don't think we've ever seen the Elements mysteriously "change someone's mind" like a Care Bear Stare typically does. Unless Nightmare Moon was a glaring exception to that rule, the Elements have only banished creatures in various ways (still waiting on the rest of S9 to see if that remains true), or disenchanted/disabled a source of power. Heh, well there was that one thing Starlight said while Daybreaker and Nightmare Moon were trying to kill each other. "Without balance, there is no Harmony."
  4. Watch Unikitty. It's a great show with some essence of MLP in it and it's simply fun. Also, Tara Strong voices princess Unikitty and she was originally planned as Pinkie Pie. The whole world works as Unikitty logic, and it's pretty identical to what Pinkie logic is. It feels like a parallel universe with Pinkie in charge. Check it out I recommend it to you.
  5. Hi, sorry for not popping in very often, just checking things around here sometimes. I've been trying to get into "the party" mentality so I can go dance with my special pony and enjoy all the social chaos that will happen. I hope everypony is doing ok. btw, I only have the wii. I don't play with it anymore, but I still love the CTWW mod for Mario Kart Wii, it's the greatest thing ever.
  6. Nope, never needed them fortunately.
  7. So many battles I've struggled through... I'd have to say the battle against the Blue Testament in Xenosaga III was simply amazing. It was emotional, difficult, and well designed. Xenosaga III is the best jrpg I have ever played (released Aug 2006). Watch just the battle, or for better context the whole video. It's a brilliant scenario with one of the best villain monologues ever.
  8. Well today's the day I have to go home... :/ Ehh, I guess there's always a next time. :)

  9. This 200th episode is nothing like 100th episode, it made me love it without any fanservice at all. The plot twist is just insane, I don't expect Spike could go that far, he tricked me good. First 9/10 episode of this season, can they top that in the next 3 episodes? I want a combo of good stuffs.
  10. Jenna just nodded that she was ready "You learn things surprisingly quickly when your life depends on it." "That and I have been trained on few things." she put on her seatbelt "Turn left from here, and I'll tell you when you need to turn again."
  11. Jenna leaned back on the couch and started browse through the movies, and as she did, she picked up a coin and threw it into the air, and when it landed she stopped browsing and selected the movie it had landed on. She then looked at Oliver with a humorous grin "Why so far away?" "Come closer."
  12. "We can always study the spells needed to sense magic." Ruby stated "And even without that, if we are in lets say a forest, you may hide yourself with magic, but you walking causes noise, flying causes noticeable air movement, and if you make one of us frustrated, they may just lit everything around on fire, and even if you have armor that can stand that, you can't get past it unnoticed." "And when it comes to Arrow, that experience will be his downfall, because if one of us does something he doesn't expect, he's done."
  13. "Boredom isn't a problem for me." Mystic replied "And if you have listened anything I have said, you shouldn't have the need to guess that, since you should be able to figure it out based on what I have told you."
  14. From the reports I have read, over 200 casualties were recorded. There simply aren't words to describe the utter audacity and barbarism it takes to knowingly execute such a thing, on Easter on top of it all. Even so, I highly doubt the Sri Lanka church bombings and Notre Dame Cathedral were connected in any fashion; it is a strange coincidence that they have happened nearly back to back, but any two dots can be connected if you try hard enough. I could very well be wrong, of course... but as of now, these two incidents appear to be isolated.
  15. The programming language I prefer is Python, because I know it well. I also like HTML if that counts.
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  17. I have not played very many video games thus far... but from what I recall, Mega Man X tends to have extraordinary boss battles. While I do enjoy the original Mega Man series to a limited extent, X is when they truly refined the series. Bosses required fast reflexes, quick fingers, and almost always had amazing music. Of the bosses which fall into this category... I would have to say Bit and Byte were among the most enjoyable.
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