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  2. Began writing my review for Sparkle's Seven! :D Still plenty to go, though. :)

    1. Sparklefan1234


      Is it at least "seven" pages long? :orly:

  3. All except Luna, who wants nothing to do with it. She seems to think it's all ridiculous, and though she respects Shining Armor, she clearly thinks she could have done a better job.
  4. Personally, I think it would have stood a chance if instead of Fluttershy suffering Aesop Amnesia, it should be a Changeling who was trying too hard to be the perfect sales person, he kept switching between store personas with disastrous results and the moral could still be a basic "Be yourself" lesson. What do you think of that?
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  6. It was my pleasure, BFFFF. I know for a fact that they greatly appreciate your generosity, kindness, loyalty, honesty...and laughing at their ridiculous "jokes".
  7. Hi Rarity! Thanks for signing your autograph for my BFFFF, @Sparklefan1234!
  8. your picture is really cute. I just wonder if it would be okay with you to give compliments.

  9. All joking aside. I just watched the first two episodes. I've never seen the Lego movie, so I never saw Unikitty before....I LOVE her! Thank you for pointing me towards her show! Oh, I also love Dr. Fox!
  10. Maybe with the maturity of the show people take it's conversation elsewhere, I expected something though before episode two I don't think Tyrion is likely to kill her since it's not in his nature, as Bronn said back when Jaime asked him if he thought he had killed Joffrey. And with Bronn on his way North for at least one more reunification, we can at the very least say Tyrion won't be killed off for a bit longer, unless they just want a scene with Podrick but that'd be really underwhelming. I feel you with Gendry, but considering he's never been a serious pick for the Iron Throne and doesn't aspire to take it he's better suited to making his suits of armor. Funny watching him forge dragon glass when so many videos about doing just that came out a few months and weeks before this season proving it's extremely difficult in a modern setting. I wonder if you made a suit of the stuff if you'd be protected from the army of the dead? We've seen Valerian Steel go up against a White Walker blade but I don't know how dragon glass fairs in that situation, and could whites break through it with force alone or would you essentially be untouchable? Assuming you could walk in that, but the could always overwhelm with their own weight and just pile on till you can't breath or even drag you to some water. I'm unsure about the hound at this point. I want to see him finish the fight with his brother once and for all, but for all intents and purposes, the OG Cleganes seem to be dead, having found new purpose through life and death. Episode 2 Spoiler
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  12. Consider this a belated "Forum Birthday" present from me to you! :) 


    1. Sparklefan1234


      24562__safe_twilight-sparkle_rarity_spik THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, BFFFF!

  13. One of the best Songs in the entire series. 


    1. Tacodidra


      Definitely a fun song! :D Much better than their friendship chant from the same episode... :please:

  14. Did anyone notice this happening in the last episode? :blink:




    1. Fluttertastic 16

      Fluttertastic 16

      It was probably just an error.

    2. Tacodidra


      I did! :D I rarely spot the animation errors in MLP, but this one I did...


      At first, I was wondering if I had missed Spike running off the screen or something, but then I saw it mentioned elsewhere and had to rewatch the scene. Quite an ironic error, considering how Spike was feeling in this episode... :adorkable:


    3. Sparklefan1234


      Spike is merely playing his role of the little brother Twilight doesn't know she has yet. :P

  15. Among my least favorites: Carrots Squash "Sweet" "Potatoes" (They aren't sweet and they also aren't potatoes) Seafood, in general (Though I will eat fish and chips, gladly if it is good. Same with clam chowder.) Cantaloupes/Honeydew Melons (Have a sensitivity to them) Stew
  16. Twilight explains at one point that "at the end of each week, we'd add up the stars", so it looks to have been a weekly competition. And I can understand Twilight's having some resentment toward Shining Armor if, for example, he happened to be the last winner of the weekly competition before it was stopped, and he then kept the crown for himself, with the implication - or even explicit statement by Shining Armor - that this meant that he was the ultimate winner. (Whereas, if Shining Armor had returned the crown to their parents, that would be an implicit or explicit statement that neither of them was the ultimate winner, or that it didn't matter.) I just feel like, if I were in that position, I wouldn't view reviving the competition one last time to determine a really ultimate winner as a good resolution; I feel like I would rather just see everyone reach a mutual agreement that it really doesn't matter who the ultimate winner was, and to set the competition aside. But ultimately, this might just be something that Twilight handles differently than I would; there are still plenty of other things with which I can relate to Twilight. Yeah, I guess there wouldn't be much of an episode if Luna had just teleported the crown out of the throne room. I can also see it as Luna enjoying "toying with" Celestia in a similar way to how Shining Armor enjoyed "toying with" Twilight. Shining Armor let Twilight's plan appear to work until the last second, and then snatched victory away from her. Similarly, Luna could have been letting Celestia believe that she was right to do things her way and to ask Shining Armor to handle the security upgrades, only for Luna to show Celestia at the last second that Shining Armor's security - and, by extension, Celestia's decision to ask him to handle that while cutting Luna out - wasn't as good as Celestia thought. I suppose Celestia does tell Luna at the end of the episode that "it seems we need to make adjustments to account for threats inside the castle as well as out", so that could serve as an explanation for some - or most - of Shining Armor's defenses being altered or removed offscreen. But I can also imagine, for example, the newly-tuned shards of Chrysalis's throne playing some protective role in a later episode. I guess we'll have to see whether any of Shining Armor's defenses are shown or referred to in any later episodes, or whether they'll be dropped as just devices for this one-off episode.
  17. @Jedishy Tranquil nods "Alright see you there in a minute" she calls from her room, getting into her jogging pants and tank top "These should" she says to herself before making her way She smiles as she gets down to the courtyard "Alright, I'm read, lets do some training then take that cursed thing to the church"
  18. Odd. I hadn't received a notification for this message, which is bad because I like what you said. So, forgive me for being too late. Well, for starters, of course it's more complicated. Most things are, particularly when there are several angles from which to look at it. When I'm talking about Luna, I usually leave Celestia out of it, because that is what the cartoon usually does. There is a void where Celestia should be in Luna's 'suffering', which was mostly fandom until that episode with the long name and Tantabus. You cannot tell me that Luna's development as a character wasn't influenced by the fandom's perception of her. And that is important because she obviously changed along the way: from her heartwarming reunion with Celestia to her presence in the Nightmare Night festivities in Ponyville, Luna changed from a misunderstood castaway trying to settle in to an egotistical jerk that has wondrous powers and still manages to seem as though she's the underdog (and the cartoon constantly treats as such). Add to that that moronic two-minute flashback of Celestia using the Elements on Nightmare Moon and you'll understand my meaning. So, you are 100% correct when you mention that Celestia wasn't presented well. In fact, I think that is putting it lightly. Just look at most of my posts and you'll see, I'm just not gonna expand on that here. But that doesn't change anything about the reasons Luna is a giant conflation of a sympathy sink and a power fantasy. Specially because this suffering people saw in Luna is purely fabricated by the fandom. The actual intro to the cartoon makes it seem like Luna was acting like one of those snowflake artists that couldn't take the fact that people had more important things to do, like sleeping, instead of staring at her night. And you're wrong. Celestia did show regrets. The second part of the first episode of the cartoon. You can't be serious when you say that sounds professional. Look at the episode again. It's easy talking about Celestia being a poor sister, because of that too. It's also easy to forget that Luna/Nightmare Moon didn't even have time to do anything Luna could regret because McCarthy solved Nightmare Moon in two minutes with that flashback. Nothing about Luna makes any sense and from my perspective, it could very well be that Luna is an insufferable cunt that Celestia constantly has to deal with and might be regretting having her back. Makes about as much sense. Yeah... There is a reason Trollestia was a thing. It is that the fandom is full of Lunas and the people that make the cartoon caught on to that. So we went from the two lovingly hugging and shedding tears of joy at being reunited to two jerks that can't stand each other.
  19. Twilight Luna

    Ask Luna

    Dearest Luna, I hope you and your mother are fairing well. I have a question. Is this pretty accurate of what Tia is like in the mornings?
  20. Beauty of Spring and tired, overworked for so long time but still doing her hard royal duties blue princess. *hugs with compassion* Daily funny pictures to improve your mood somehow, my dearest friend. Lack of the time and bigger than usual problems with internet connection are my giant enemies this morning. Luna and her pet. The best pet. At least in his own objective opinion. When the castle is definitely too small for the best pet...... ....and floor in the castle are too tiny....or maybe he had a nightmare and simply looks for safe, sootingly horn? Don't disturb yourself Luna. It is only nap time. Is it a bat? Is it a dragon? No. It is Superopossum! Beware all villain- bugs! Where I can buy that magic bootle? Address, link.....Plizzz! By the way the best pet's space ship is a reference to certain movie and the event in it. I am curious who knows the title or at least director of that movie? I wish I was Tiberius. Have *sighs* have a nice day the best princess (and owner of the best pet!)
  21. Wow, took me forever to reach here, damn slow internet -.- i hate this so much





    Dude, the way people ran in the old 2009 multiplayer tests... XD

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