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  2. I’ve never tried Root Beer.
  3. Apparently, they think we should be watching shows like the Simpsons and Family Guy simply because we're adults.
  4. Literally the cutest thing I've seen and I want to die


    Art by Jhayarr23


  5. I was playing my old games for lols and I bumped into something I didn't expect to see...


    So um... I'm not sure what is this. Well yeah, that Rarity's face does exist in graphic files -- as an easter egg of some sort, but I'm not sure what is this supposed to be. Her face was kind of hidden in a specific file, which apparently textured something like this, but what is so intriguing is that weird shadow at the top... That is something I cannot explain. Interesting effect for something I didn't program on purpose. EqE4vfd.png

    Actually, that's pretty creepy. Thank Celestia it's just Rarity, because things could get sp00py. It reminded me of an easter egg in Sonic



    --- so that's why it's kinda creppy. :twi:

  6. I'll try to get to these soon. Depends on how I feel. Not been feeling that motivated today. It is hard to not feel like just a summed up statistic thrown into the mass.
  7. Then maybe they should have given him character rather than push him into the background.
  8. Live-Action Scooby-Doo is crap, but there is one shining plus: Shaggy had his best appearance in any appearance at the time and was by far the best written and developed. Not to mention Matthew Lillard not only played the perfect Shaggy, but Shaggy's perfect voice post-Kasem, too.

    1. Maya-san 🦄

      Maya-san 🦄

      I agree with you there. You get these ppl who are pretty much the irl versions of 'em in that setting. :dash:

  9. @Blitz Boom Mariposa looked at the fuzzy creature, feeling very confused at the request. Still, she raised her hoof to the air, looking from Jelly to Gary for some sort of explanation. She tucked a strand of hair away from her face, wincing as she felt a cramp build up in the hoof that she was holding in the air. "May I let it go, sir? This is getting very uncomfortable..."
  10. American Girl: McKenna Reaches for the Stars. Not my favorite American Girl movie, but it's okay and has a decent ending.
  11. someone please save me from the amount of twix bars im eating
  12. Grape Nuts or Cocoa Puffs. I like a little chocolate now and then.
  13. Sympathetic and powerless. I have a roommate who is grossly overworked but still makes time for everybody. I wish I could help her but I'm not qualified to do what she does. Hence, my sympathy and powerlessness.
  14. god i want to drink

  15. Today
  16. I would make my nickname "Frosty" my official name. It suits me better than my real name (Natalie) and most people call me by my nickname anyway.
  17. The study focused on around 35 healthy families so I recommend keeping that in mind. I would also like to point out the study was more about how similar mothers and daughters process their emotions (as well as how mood disorders like depression are passed down, namely from mother to daughter), the study isn't necessarily about how close the mother's and daughter's relationship is. All they're really saying is the part of the brain that regulates emotional patterns is more similar between mothers and daughters than any other primary familiar "relationship". I feel like a lot of people just read the title and immediately jumped in without actually reading what the study is about... From personal experience, I know my mother and I react similar in a decent amount of circumstances.
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