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  2. Guys who won't try to resist my seductive powers But on a not so suggestive note, physically, I prefer guys that are a few inches taller than me (I'm 5'10) and guys that are strong but not overly muscular (though I've had crushes on men that were shorter and skinnier than I'd generally prefer in the past). I would say I have more of an appeal to leaner guys, but my BF is pretty far from lean and I actually like him that way. Personality is much more important to me, though. I really like men who are nice to me and treat me well that are a bit dorky/nerdy (like I am) and are a little bit goofy. I also prefer men who are more laid back and understanding of my issues dealing with anxiety.
  3. Oh Rainbow Dash, you're so dirty... :arethosehands:




  4. So judging by the finale episodes for each main character - they seem to all have something that involves their main story arcs and how they affect others. The first one was The Last Crusade, at the very end it shows how the CMCs has affected Equestria in a big way! Next was Pinkie Pie in helping her match get his laugh back, and it reminds her what her purpose is in making ponies laugh and be happy! She Talks to Angel showed how grateful Fluttershy's animals friends are for her and would go to extreme lengths keep her safe if it's needed! The Summer Set Setback showed how much Twilight's improved and how much of a great leader she has become - also talks about how grateful she is to the Two Sisters for everything they did for Equestria! I got the feeling the season premiere showed Discord's positive light too of even though he's reformed and is a supportive friend to the Mane 6, he knows that using his powers to solve all their problems would be cheating - which seems to be his story arc in the season! Maybe the finale will conclude that! And Uprooted seemed to do a great job concluding the Student 6's arc - though maybe the finale will show us if their elements of friendship inside of them will help defeat the big baddie too! Oh yeah and Starlight? Probably episode 20 where it looks like she's officially the new leader of the School of Friendship - from villain to friendship headmare! So all that leaves is Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Spike. Gonna Seed seemed like a pretty good conclusion to Applejack showing how family values mean to her, but usually main characters don't have one episode in a season, so she's probably got something else coming, likely with Big Mac since he didn't get his episode this season yet. 2, 4, 6 Greeeat wouldn't be such a good way to end Rainbow Dash's arc - even though it shows how much of a good coach she could be, she spend a large majority of the episode complaining - and the Wonderbolts haven't had an episode this season yet, so Dashie's final episode probably involves them. Dragon Dropped was kinda a generous episode for Rarity, but she hasn't her solo this season yet, something involving her businesses and her would be a great way to conclude her arc! As for Spike.... well I don't need to repeat myself in terms of him - whether he found his destiny or not is yet to be determined, but his purpose within the Mane 6 hasn't been answered yet, and that's probably the most important thing he needs answered, more than his origins, though I believe we might know how his egg came about (doubtful for the parents showing up though) - but just a final episode which explains the impact Spike has done in other's lives including the Mane 6, Starlight, the Crystal Empire, the dragons, and the changelings would be a really good way to settle his arc once and for all! And of course the finale is most likely gonna give us our answers about the Legion of Doom, including Cozy who we dunno about her backstory yet!
  5. Banned for suggesting our Beautiful Best Princess is in fact a changeling, as no changeling can enter the dream realm (other the ones Dashie beats up)
  6. Hiya! and Happy birthday ^_^

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      Dynamo Pad

      Thank you so much, @.Wolfe.! ^_^ 

  7. Nor do I - but that's largely because I am not particularly rich or attractive (although I claim to have a great personality)
  8. Happy birthday, pal!

  9. I have no girlfriends... I'm asexual
  10. Well pass the message to your girl friends
  11. If your avatar is SSJ; what’s his normal form?

  12. Hey guys I’m looking for a gf send me an email if interested (this is a joke don’t do it I just want to win)
  13. Mayor Lionheart said on the news that he would like the Cliffside Asylum to be turned into a rehabilitation center for wounded animals.
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