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  2. Today and Saturday: Sleep in late and watch television all day Easter Sunday: Brunch wth family
  3. You are banned for using an avatar of a student from a school that isn’t UA.
  4. @Dynamo Pad Scarlet smiles and gets out her purse "There should be a food cart coming this way, or a cafe/restaurant carriage" she says "With how long the trip will be, I suggest we go to the restaurant carriage for lunch, but we can have a snack first when the cart comes this way" she says to Dynamo, sitting back down and resting her head on his shoulder. She listens to his directions "Well its good to know that my work will also be close-ish to home"
  5. As he was struck repeatedly from the pinballing Dynamo was doing. He spun each time he was struck so he was just in the air getting spun around unable to do much more then take the hits, as he heard of how this was a test run to see if it needed to be fixed or not. "Glad I could be of service finding out." chuckling though the moment he realized Dynamo was gonna try and prevent him from using it "Oh..that isnt good." he held the inhaler close to his body as Dynamo was hitting him at a faster and harder. "No you wont get it." he said as when Dynamo went past him after a hit a mist came up from Canteen before the inhaler dropped from his hooves to the ring. He breathed in deeply as the mist around him was vacuummed up by Canteen. It was a lot bigger of a dose he usually took as his eyes closed "Woah I havent had that big of a dose since I fought Arid." his eyes began to look at all the rubble Dynamo was bouncing off of and just went quiet, allowing the hits to hit him. Even when Dynamo was coming at him he saw it in slow mo the moment he came into range but, never moved. Spinning in the air still he was in deep thought his eyes just moving from dynamo to the different pieces of rubble
  6. @Dream Walker "You're right about that. You would hear the sound of a sonic boom and Rainbow would appear in a flash." He chuckled, suddenly frowning as he nodded in understanding. "It's okay and you don't have to apologize Orange. You moved at the time and we suddenly lost contact. Neither of us knew of all the things that would transpire to us meeting again. I know my mom and dad wondered about you. They thought you were really nice, but I don't think you didn't get to meet them. Hopefully, we can fix that in the future." He says, smiling softly as he took her hand into his own. "I'm just glad you understand and that you're here." He held back a chuckle as he heard her stomach grumble. "I guess we all worked up an appetite. So, let's all go and get something to eat. Do you have anything in mind to eat?" He asks as they started to make their way out of the arcade. As they made their exit, he glanced back to make sure that Starlight and the others were following them. "It sounds like you were able to be there for him and helped him out. You were always a friend that others could depend on. Always never giving up and seeing the good in others. It's how I could see you had that great magic potential when I helped you out." Sunburst nods, placing a hand upon her shoulder, before quickly jumping back with a slight blush. "Uh...s-sure. I don't mind and it'd be great to catch up and meet some new friends." He grins slightly as he started to follow Starlight and the others out of the arcade.
  7. I tend to use profanities quite a bit IRL... Not so much on the forums though
  8. Granted, but the rain will bring heavy thunder and scare all the dogs loose. I wish I could grow a garden in my yard.
  9. My thinking voice would either be some creepy deep voice, or just my normal one for some reason.
  10. Probably either stay with my family or close friends to recover, and then try to look for a job, save and invest my money.
  11. @Dynamo Pad Scarlet giggles and nods "Getting sick right after retirement would be hell" she says as she hugs Gentle one more time and then hugs Dynamo before skipping off to their room to get changed. Some time later, she returned, wearing a short skirt, high top sneakers, a off the shoulder top and her leather jacket. "Well Dynamo babe, I'm all ready, I packed what I think we will need, just waiting for you to get ready" she says with a smile, sitting down on the sofa and cuddling Milkshake and Chocolate while she waited.
  12. Hey there! Great job on the new banner! :pinkie:

    1. Totally Lyra

      Totally Lyra

      Thanks! I'm still really new to drawing so that means a lot. :pinkie:

      And thanks for the follow. post-25189-0-33094200-1412626540.png

  13. A free hug for everyone! I hope this hug brings you joy and a very happy Easter, or whatever else you celebrate! ♡
  14. Well, I never feel comfortable cursing on social media, forums, servers, etc. so I tend to be the goody two shoes when it comes to that sort of thing. The only time I actually curse is when one of my friends come over and we occasionally just blow off.
  15. Ok whelp I will post tonight. Sorry I was waiting on Jance but we are gonna move now
  16. Indeed, that's the exact one I found too. Shame really. Hope someone will consider making one as all the characters up to Season 7 would make a fantastic wallpaper or print-out for a poster on my wall of many pony-related merch!
  17. @Dynamo Pad Night smiles and nods "Oh, he's really funny when you prank him, but you got to know the right way to do it" she says and nuzzles him lovingly "Anyway, eat up dear, lest your pizza gets cold" she says and then looks to the others then back to Button "I'm glad you're thinking of getting more employees for the arcade, that way it will be able to stay open when you need or want to be home with us" she says, kissing his nose. Broken nods "Indeed, they already feel stiff, but i have been doing the exercises that I was given to do"
  18. Welcome to the herd hope you like it here!
  19. Move in with my other relatives and get a job at retails. It’s easier to find a job there since they’re always hiring.
  20. Hi Hook Foot! Have you ever met Captain Hook?
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