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  2. Happy Friday, everypony! I hope everyone is having a great day so far. Not only Ian it Friday but it’s Avengers weekend! Have a Smile Song! :-D


  3. All the time Who's the sleepy-er one?
  4. Banned because cheese legs is a royal wedding crasher.
  5. As he listened to Canteen's comment, Dynamo's jaw dropped in surprise at what Canteen had implied. "N-No! I meant to defeat you and win the point for my team!" He exclaimed, giving Canteen a deadpanned expression. "Really? You're going all tsundere mode on me? Well, it's better than how you were acting previously, in my opinion. Although, I hate to break your heart, but I'm not really interested. I'm looking for the right mare, but you're still a good friend to me, buddy. Also, by the way you said sama. I'm sorry, but I'm no master. I could imagine being a senpai, but it depends on how old you and I are." He smiled, before the smile instantly faded upon listening to Canteen's remark. It still didn't mean that he couldn't try and still fight his opponent. Dynamo was beginning to become frustrated as Canteen twisted and turned to dodge the laser beams. As he fired the last laser spell, he was surprised as Canteen brought a hoof up. 'He's crazy! He doesn't really think he can hit a beam back, does he!? It's both unheard of and not possible.' As the beam headed straight towards the earth pony, the gaming unicorn had realized that the gravity spells were still in effect. Dynamo smirked as he would take advantage of the situation. "You must really enjoy flying in the air. Given that you aren't a Pegasus pony, after all. Let's reintroduce you to the ground!" He exclaims, deactivating the gravity spells. Doing this had caused the floating boulders to fall back towards the stadium, while the gravity effects would stop Canteen from floating. This gave Dynamo time to fly directly up to Canteen, while the laser was still on course towards the earth pony. Since Canteen couldn't fly, Dynamo knew his opponent would be a sitting duck. His front hoof glowed with magic, which would allow the blue unicorn to land a more powerful strike. If the laser spell didn't hit, then Dynamo would follow through with a powered up punch.
  6. It depends. That’s the case for Southern California and the Central Valley, but temperatures are generally more moderate in the Bay Area, especially in cities like San Francisco which is constantly foggy and mild all year round (San Jose, where I’m from, is somewhat hotter and drier due to being sandwiched between the Santa Cruz Mountains and the Diablo Range). And if you live in the far north like Redding or Eureka the climate is much colder and it is possible to occasionally get a little bit of snow.
  7. My room is sort of in the middle of the east side of the house. Luckily that is almost the opposite part of the house from the kitchen, so I get less bugs.
  8. Why do I want to go see Detective Pikachu?! :lostit:  

    1. A.V.


      Because Deadpool. :orly:

    2. Woohoo


      Because it's silly. :ooh:

  9. Didn't like The Beginning Of The End (for wasting Sombra's comic arc, then reducing him to Pony Snoke), but found Uprooted decent and Sparkle's Seven good.
  10. Thanks for the follow!

  11. 469937 Such is Bills to pay, cardboard to buy
  12. Moluminus is not even a real fan of Mlp he just likes criticizing it.
  13. Moluminus in general seems overly critical of the show, IMO.
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