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  2. Probably like alligator. I had alligator once. It was more expensive than chicken and not as good. A little slimy, but that might just have been the way it was cooked. Ot was battered and fried.
  3. The nearest Zoo Giftshop, get to see all of the animals by default!
  4. Banned because they're tears of happiness
  5. My favorite Animal is the Wolf. I also really like reptiles, red kites and snow leopards.
  6. I would say because of the reason, that the birds are the next relatives, it can be possible that they would taste similar like poultry. Or maybe like crocodile.
  7. Prepare to move.


  8. The history of medicine, clearly Who is your favourite historical figure?
  9. How is thinking that Luna was battling monsters we never saw inside the show having the same weight as claiming Luna is a bitch from what we see? It's not a bedtime story. Twilight literally saw her transform while acting like a prick. Personalities are conveyed through actions. We'll never have it written down in exact words. That goes for all the characters in fiction, not just Luna. Every chap can tell you how a rich bitch acts like. However, claiming what you have in your version of the story requires a lot of mental gymnastics. The only time we saw Luna in a state of such distress was when she was dealing with guilt. Her defense would not hold water inside our court once that video was shown, that is all. And considering how Luna currently behaves, there was not much change to be had in the quality of her thinking, only in intensity of it. Elements do tend to squeeze magical power out of the baddies. We do not know what Celestia did when she banished her sister. We do not know how Elements behave if you channel your intent into them ... But most of it is just our glorious writers doing whatever the buck they want to fix their shitty plots Too bad she was just using a hollow phrase to defuse the situation. Nature is Starlight's worst enemy. Curiously enough, it is also one of Equestria's worst enemies. Really activates those acorns.
  10. This is also a possible reason. Or they are magic students who learn to make powerful magic in Canterlot (what would explain why we never saw them before in Canterlot). Anyway, My next self made "Pony posing elegant" vector, this time with Cocoa Candy, a (in my opinion really beautiful) Backgroundpony from Fillydelphia who made her first (and sadly only) appearence in S7E14 "Fame and Misfortune". Picture on DeviantArt
  11. We seem to have lost the ability to see the "All time" leaderboards. All time starts on 06/Apr/2019. Was wanting to see those with the greatest number of posts on mlpf (Inc games)
  12. Some stylish Sunset Shimmer (Try saying that ten times fast...) "When I hit bottom, I was crushing man's skull like sparrow's egg... between my thighs." Yesterday was Easter, so this next one was kind of expected. Spoilered for obvious reason of bunny suit.
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