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  2. closes book labeled 'Xehanort Arc'



    And so, with Kingdom Hearts 3 100% completed, so closes another chapter....until the next game, when the story shall continue.

  3. Good morning everypony! I was a little conscious of posting myself but I decided if anypony was going to look for me during BronyCon then they would have to know what I looked like.:D

    Im going to BronyCon on Saturday and Sunday. Here is my WIP cosplay for Saturday. (I have the wings I just forgot to put them on. Plus the only “WIP” about this cosplay is I don’t have Fluttershys’ wig yet. :p)

    My cosplay for Sunday is VERY incomplete and I will be sure to post it sometime next week when it is somewhat finished.

    QOTD: What is your favorite song right now?






  4. *looks up what a kigurimi is* no, but now i want one. a wacom tablet?
  5. Probably somewhere in the house A kigurumi
  6. Mourning over the end of my incredible dream last night And also eating cereal
  7. I have to say personality-wise I'm probably about 60% feminine, 40% masculine. Physically I'd say 20% feminine, 80% masculine at the moment.
  8. Goodnight everypony

  9. Granite Rose felt weird being levitated, but he decided that probably wasn’t the strangest thing to happen to him since he woke up as a turtle today. Now that he was safely on the train, he slid off of Solemn and took a seat next to her. Granite sat up against the wall, hoping this would delay Thorns since he usually spawns behind him. He wanted to buy himself enough time to properly come up with a plan before everyone arrived at Canterlot. “We got on the train pretty easy, but it won’t be so easy getting through Canterlot. None of us are super large animals, so we should all be able to sneak around. There aren’t a lot of bushes to hide in, but there are plenty of buildings to go behind.” Granite proposed, offering a bit of advice along with his plan. Ponies in Ponyville acted strange around them already and he wasn’t prepared for how the Canterlot ponies would respond. Suddenly, Granite Rose’s ears began twitching. He could feel the anger inside Thorns begin to rise. Holding him off never lasted long since Thorns could never be prevented. Not wanting to listen to Thorns yet again, Granite stuck his little turtle head inside his shell and hoped it would block out at least some of the noise. “Get off the train. Hide yourself. Relieve your wounds.”
  10. Personality: 90% feminine Physically: 100% masculine
  11. It is not such a big deal what really happened. The important this we got in that da*n train If you find any of my stuff confusing, just ignore it for now. The magic has a bad effect on Splashee (for some unknown reason). He (me) is just trying to get away from it. You have freedom to do whatever you like with pony interactions, like the unknown unicorn I created. I just added that to help me write something, since it was kinda impossible to get one step farther in the story at that very time. If for any reason you make up something in the story that you expect to keep for a longer time, instead of just for one post, you should put that in parenthesis with a simple explanation. An example would be if you include, let say the CMC, and you expect them to interact with you at a later time, that would be good for us to know so we don't take away your ideas. otherwise, feel free to take ideas!
  12. I dreamt I was dating my anime waifu and now that I'm awake I wish I had just died in my sleep so I could have ended it all on the most peaceful note possible 

  13. I've been debating on whether or not to shorten my name to just: Dixon. 

    It's just that, I've had this username for so long, I don't know if I would really like the change. I may just try it for one day, and see how I feel about it.

  14. You have a great voice, man! I probably won’t be sharing mine though.
  15. until

    Same here.
  16. Goodnight all.


    See you all later.


    Take care and all of the best.



  17. Today
  18. So, i made Remix of MandoPony's Survive The Night.


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