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  2. i'm not into pony, let alone a colt. so no. but.. humanized? yes
  3. "No idea. Somnus tends to lean too much on his experience. While it can work for him, he forgets that others also have some fair points also. Anyway, what do you think about cats?"
  4. Want to keep away from football (soccer) but it everywhere it's annoying.

  5. Not into girls and not into ponies so I have to pass.
  6. ah what the heck, I tends to bite on my thumb and peel it died skin off and chew on it.
  7. For stealing a Cyclops's treasure. (We can say stuff like that, right?)
  8. I only own a GBA, not a GBC, An old Nokia?
  9. Yes! I am SO proud of Spike! "The Smile Song" "Generosity" "Bats", "Apples to the Core" & "Seeds of the Past" "B.B.B.F.F." "Find the Music in You" "Let the Rainbow Remind You" (Cause it has my name in it.)
  10. Delicious  chocolate sorbet frozen yourgurt topped with Rainbow Sprinkles, Chocolate sprinkles, Oreo cookies and Animal cookies.


    1. Twilight Luna

      Twilight Luna

      For dinner? :pinkie:

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