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    My shift is taking fucking forever to end, so I went up the street and bought some beer. This is a crisp, light IPA that's pretty refreshing on a humid day.

  3. My Fleet Foot plushie is here! :squee:


  4. I hope for a wild and funny episode that will give "slice of life" a run for its money.
  5. Season 1: Nightmare Moon definitely counts. Season 2: Discord counts because even though he was mostly messing with Ponyville, he overpowered Celestia and Luna. They didn’t really defeat Chrysalis; that was Shining and Cadance. Twilight alone saved Cadance, and after that they played a lesser role. Season 3: For Sombra, it was Spike who saved the day. Him and Shining and Cadance again. Twilight played an important role in finding the Heart, and ultimately the Heart fixed everything, not a character. In the season 3 finale, it’s true that Twilight is responsible for the problem. Bit she also solved it. Still, she didn’t save Equestria; she “created new magic.” They saved Ponyville, but not Equestria. So the count is 2 so far. In the season 4 premiere Discord was playing them all like puppets. My first thought was that if things really got bad, he would have fixed everything eventually. But at that point, his “reformation” was very new and tenuous. I’ll count this one, because it’s not clear that Discord really knew what was going on, or that the sisters could have been saved without the Mane 6’s help. At this point Discord definitely would not have cared to do it himself. The finale definitely counts. They shoot him with rainbows and lock him up. Season 5’s premiere is not saving Equestria. The finale might be... though I lean toward no. What was really happening was Starlight was trying to escape to a world where she wouldn’t lose her village, while at the same time antagonizing Twilight. She didn’t plan this terribly well, because Twilight was constantly able to reset the time travel spell, and Starlight never visited the future. Once Twilight convinced her that her master plan was basically garbage, they went back to the main timeline. But from the perspective of the main timeline, nothing happened. It was important because Twilight was stuck in the wrong world, but the fate of Equestria was not yet imperiled by that. Season 6’s premiere was very important, but it was Sunburst and Starlight who actually saved the day, Season 6’s finale obviously can’t count. Season 7’s finale is the first Mane 6 victory in a while. Season 8’s finale also, and season 9’s premiere. That’s 7. Now consider mid season episodes. In Dragonshy they make it seem really important. And though someone else could have dealt with the dragon, the Mane 6 took care of the problem, Magic Duel. Trixie was quite formidable with the Alicorn amulet. And it made her really evil. I think this counts, because she probably would have moved on from Ponyville. Party Pooped: the Yaks probably would not have succeeded in their war against magic ponies, but the Mane 6 saved Equestria from their attempt. Do Princesses Dream: Luna causes a serious problem, and the Mane 6 helped her fix it. The movie counts. The narrator of the movie seems very different from the show, and so the movie doesn’t quite make sense in the show universe, but since they reference it in season 8, we take it as happening, while recognizing some details are inconsistent. So 12 times. by season Season 1: Nightmare Moon and the Dragon Season 2: Discord Season 3: Trixie Season 4: the forest and Tirek Season 5: Yaks and Tantabus Season 6: none Season 7: Pony of Shadows, Storm King Season 8: Cozy Glow Season 9: Sombra
  6. Well, I still feel they weren't introduced as well as they could, they are pretty significant characters for the story, yet I am not invested in them enough. I wish they focused more on characters like zecora instead, which creates a problem for people who don't like them too much. I don't hat them but I just prefer episodes not focused on them. Some new writers are actually good, like the one who wrote sounds of silence, some bad episodes were written by older writers like the yakity sax by the fox brothers.
  7. We have heard the call and have come as swiftly as possible! @Arc Flash I choose you!
  8. Imagine if the Friendship Express got a bumper-sticker like this:


  9. I'm here! Now that I have to post something, why don't I post a picture of my beautiful waifu! Now it's your turn, @Treeglow Flicker
  10. Good evening everypony!:mlp_grin:

    Just got back from a trip to Twycross Zoo plus a five-hour nap. Feeling pretty tired, but it feels nice to leave the house for once. 

    Saw an otter cleaning it’s food in a lake before eating it, which is probably the single cutest/best thing that I’ve ever seen in my life, so that’s exciting.


  11. I've noticed that a lot of people on this forum consider Season 6 to be one of the worst seasons of the show, which I don't really get. I mean, sure, the premiere and the finale were pretty disappointing, but I actually found most of Season 6 to be pretty good. Some of my favorites from this season include "The Saddle Row Review", "Flutter Brutter" and "Viva Las Pegasus". So, yeah, I don't see what's so bad about it. Anypony else want to share their thoughts on this underrated (in my opinion anyway) season?
  12. Here is your request @dsc! Hope u like!
  13. It is very hard for any kind of successful series of any kind of art form to maintain the quality it once had. Look at any franchises, and you will find very little made it to the end. Either it got ugly, mediocre, cut short or got cancelled. But is it OK to be that way because most of them are? No.
  14. finally watching the newest episode of MLP

  15. Agree. It has just half of the episodes, but I think it could be considered equal classics that has the charm of early MLP like season 1 and 2. If it had twice the episode with the same quality and didn't had the controversial ending, it would have been considered a great season. Agree. It has just half of the episodes, but I think it could be considered equal classics that has the charm of early MLP like season 1 and 2. If it had twice the episode with the same quality and didn't had the controversial ending, it would have been considered a great season.
  16. I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with the Student 6 as characters. The problem was the school itself. Equestria used to be this huge place with an adventure around every corner. The school turned that into a microcosm. It was still a good season, but potential became limited. I'm really starting to miss Ponyville.
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