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  2. 473801 *pops in* *drops off a smiling Lyra* *leaves again*
  3. Fluttershy: Running a business must be hard work. Rarity: That’s quite the understatement. Do tell me, darling. What do you do for money? AJ: I’d like to know that too. Fluttershy: Um... *runs away, slams door, starts engine and drives off*
  4. "It's only creepy because you have been taught to think that way." Ruby stated "Hay, I collect bones as trophies and there's nothing creepy about that, it's just how we roll." "And really, how is making weapons out of them any different from making wooden weapons, trees are plants thus they are alive too before you cut them down." "And maybe if instead of complaining about it, you would attempt to figure out how to make them yourself?" "Sure it'll take time, maybe several millennia, but if you never start it, it will never happen."
  5. German Comedian Otto Waalkes (German)
  6. Good morning everypony! Happy Friday! :pinkie: I hope all of you have or are already having a fantastic day. :D Enjoy the sunshine, warmth, and freedom, but let's not forget Luna's night too eh? Musn't be making her jealous again. ;)


    1. Flutterstep


      Hello mint pony! :fluttershy:

      I’ll enjoy my day by hiding away from such weather. :eww:

      I hope you have a good day too. :orly:

  7. I took apart and cleaned my computer, keyboard and mouse last night. This resulted in an issue with a computer fan which is somewhat resolved now, however my keyboard can't type numbers up to 5, numbers before that just don't work whatsoever, this means I can't use this site without copy and pasting numbers into my password, I will need to get a new keyboard and mouse.

  8. "That doesn't mean it can't happen." Mystic simply replied, she wasn't worried about not being able to swim, after all, in worst case scenario she could save herself with her shadows, but she was wary because she still didn't fully trust that Placidus wasn't trying to do something. She walked into the water, fighting the urge to open her wings and started swimming.
  9. *I leave a plate of muffins*

    Enjoy everypony. :squee:

  10. Good morning everyone and how are you all doing?

    1. strongwilled_pegasus


      good morning to you too!

      just fine:yay: and u

    2. Goofyg22


      I am doing okay

  11. 5. And... the wedding cake? Shouldn't that be Pinkie Pie and/or the CMCs' job? 6. Also Rainbow Dash's final episode as well. 7. Not recommended. He usually only has roles in two episodes of some seasons. 8. I do want Pinkie Pie to interact with either one of them as well. Rarity did with Yona, and Fluttershy and Spike with Smolder, and Starlight with Silverstream. 9. That can happen in Rarity's final episode, with Suri Polomare returning as well.
  12. Hey there, @Dawn-Sunlight and welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy your stay here and make many amazing friend!
  13. *hugs*

    My friend. ^^

    1. Sherbert MGS

      Sherbert MGS

      **hugs back**
      Hoi, friend

  14. Today
  15. *surprise hugs Lucky and boops*


    1. Lucky Bolt

      Lucky Bolt


      *boops and hugs back* x3

    2. TheRockARooster


      Thank you for your kindness, I really appreciate it.

  16. 5:06am here in New Jersey... I should be sleeeeeeping.
  17. I'd say the same about you
  18. It's already 5:05am where I am?! Guess I'm back to my old habits... :D

  19. Good morning honeyyyyy. *snuggles into his chest* =w=

  20. Thanks! Telly Shine's personality is exactly like Wendy's personality on gravity falls, plus, she shows great sympathy and is a tech nerd always there if her friends need her. An episode with her and rainbow dash having a day off together would have been a dream come true
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