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  2. Found it on Pinterest and decided to use it as a pfp.
  3. Just had the equivalent of a mental breakdown... I could really use some encouraging words. Anyone have any?

  4. Derechos are on my top list - but they're just too rare here. El Nino-influenced ice storms probably are the worst weather occurrence.
  5. OMG! I should have seen this coming! Twilight's tower was such a mess. Of course there were books from other libraries lost in the mix! I have actually done something similar. When I was little, I accidentally put a library book on the shelf with MY books. It hid there in plain sight for a couple weeks while I looked everywhere for it!
  6. Twilight looks so adorable on that bench. :squee:

    Great job on the banner  :grin:

  7. This thread in itself is depressing, mainly because of the amount of shaming towards the unhappy is going on here. Just because someone is happy all the time, or rather they are lucky enough to be so, doesn't make them any better than someone suffering from different problems. Everyone is different and the human brain is a thing of immense complexity and thus it has a tendency to have a lot of problems. We also live in a world now that actively fuels things like depression and anxiety at every turn. Sure, people way back when may have had it a lot rougher due to lack of the conveniences and advancements we have now, but back then, simply managing to stay alive and keep yourself afloat was worthy of admiration. These days, nobody gives two fucks about that. Nowadays, if you are not making at minimum a 6 figure annual salary, nobody cares about what you do. Most people are too busy worshiping celebrities or themselves to care. We are at the point where people in the US constantly do job shaming. That's how low things have gotten. If someone works at a fast food restaurant, then they are given absolutely no respect by the general public. So it is a constant pressure of having to go for bigger and "better" things. Not because the person wants it, but because of a constantly embedded expectation from society, because money and status is all that matters now. The world has what, easily 7+billion people? The realization that one is most likely destined to just be one of the underlings of the world isn't the most uplifting thing and a lot of us are destined for that exact thing. Top all of that shit on with the many, many problems this world has and yeah, it is pretty depressing. Medical debt, poverty, the many different societal crisis' that are getting worse every day, massive income inequality and a government system that exists to exploit the common people. Now mix in the possibility for mental illness and surrounding factors and it isn't that difficult to see why depression is so rampant in this world. People often express their problems a lot on the internet because it is a great place to do so. It is a place where thoughts can be dumped for people to see, because other than that most people don't really care. Just look at the reactions of people when a school shooting happens and you will learn really quickly that most people couldn't care less about the mental well being of their fellow man.
  8. Didn't find it, had one of my favorite artists make it for me because it was a commission.
  9. In media I like it, though I'm a bit sensitive to large amounts of gore. Games like the new Doom (relatively new, anyway) are a bit much for me.
  10. Last week saw Winchester the suspense thriller was good didn't know in magic real life the place was spellaunted ! DERPY HOOVES gave it a 5 cross-eyed rating for this movie enjoy.
  11. Unikitty is freakin' insane. I LOVE THIS SHOW! "LOVE IS NO MATCH FOR THE SUN!" - Dr. Fox
  12. RD: I swear this isn't what it looks like!


  13. "Goodnight Lune" a biography about Princess Luna that was filled with nothing but rumors & misinformation.
  14. Was eating some pasta. I seasonsed it with minced garlc, black pepper and put some oil on it.
  15. It's honestly fascinating to see Discord evolve over the 3-4 years I've used it. My main account I made all the way back in August of 2015 which was only a few months after the service launched. If there is anyone you can ask about how it was in the beggining, it would be me. :please:

  16. Some roses for the lovely Roseluck


    1. Arc Flash

      Arc Flash

      Looks awesome!!!B)

  17. I loved these episodes. After hearing that this was the final season, I felt that Hasbro better deliver an excellent season. So far they have. These were great episodes. I was lowkey expecting past villians to unite, and had already figured out which ones might do so. It was pretty nervewracking watching it, but it was awesome seeing how everything came together in the end.
  18. It is unless you live in southern California with no friends.
  19. *hugs*

    How are you, Cyclone?

  20. Yes. Go outside and look at some birds. Wave to a friend. Admire someone's work...
  21. No way it's those two. The Pacific NW probably has the one of the higher fan populations. You'll see people with toys, tags, patches, and clothing merch in the open. It's guaranteed to spot a few eventually if you're in a place with heavy foot traffic. Then again, there could be a substantial number like me who aren't closeted but also don't wear anything, or go to events. @Califorum Going with some of the smallest populations by default are we? Lol, probably right. I'm going to say West Virginia as an alternative.
  22. All of the artists are excited about Rainbow Dash in a dress but all I care about is Rainbow Dash as a detective/hired thug in that one noir clip. The dress is nice but it just ain't right for her. 

    1. Fluttertastic 16

      Fluttertastic 16

      Yea it’s cute and all to see rainbow  dash in a dress but it dosent really go with her character.

  23. Got the new mk game. Started up story mode, played a few fights and a tower or two. Enjoying it but taking long breaks between sessions. Also need to look through a walkthrough on the damned krypt. :dry:

    1. Fluttertastic 16

      Fluttertastic 16

      Nice I hope you have fun. 

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