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  2. Hello, the Rooster is home.


    Couldn’t be on this morning, went out.

  3. Woohoo! I finally found where I misplaced my missing motivation. :pinkie: With a little luck, I'll have something to show for it in a day or two. post-25189-0-33094200-1412626540.png

  4. I had to hold back on posting here until I had more added to my catalog--it's a weird catalog due to it always changing. The former unicorn villains interacting with one another in their own subtle way... well... some of them. When practicing yoga doesn't quite work out for you. Check out this alternate look for Sunset. Sunset and Pinkie Pie. Hmmm... A 'hardcore' Sunset is in order.
  5. @Duality Ah I see damn it I really don't want to redo my whole post.
  6. How is everypony doing?

  7. I would first of all follow what @Denim&Venomsaid and put 10% in a savings account to live off the interest afterwards, hire a team to keep track of it, and also make sure I could not be robbed. Wealthy individuals often get their family or themselves put up for ransom, so I want to make sure even if this happens there's no way the money could be accessed so they'd have to let me go After this it's quite simple, for me at least. I would buy one of the most plastic bodies in existence and become fabulous
  8. First off, I’d like to buy new components for a better pc... Probably spend some of it getting stuff that I need off of my wishlists. I’d like to also try getting my license and a car(nothing too fancy for a first car) and then go to college or this one private school I’ve been eyeing. Would be best to visit my rez and help people fix up their houses. Beyond that, I have no idea, that’s a mind-boggling amount. Probably get all of my surgeries done that I want? Just not all at once though, no doctor would agree to that and that sounds insane.
  9. I don't wanna stop any of your beliefs of this being a good stopping point for Spike and Rarity. But a Sparity really isn't their MAIN story arcs. Their MAIN story arcs covers more of their legacies and purposes. Rarity being her businesses - something that really wasn't brought up at all this season yet. And Spike had a HUGE legacy, from being Twilight's assistant, to helping Starlight reunite with Sunburst, to being dragon ambassador, to being the first friend for Fluttershy to open up to, to doing the first act of the changeling reforming (speaking of which, Spike and Thorax haven't interacted in a looooong time which definitely needs to happen), and let's not forget his actions for the Crystal Empire! Seems like these should really be addressed, and then we'll know that's his final episode, and a pretty content one too! Why the episode would have a reason for his legacy to be mentioned is yet to be determined - probably questioning his purpose.... if Pinkie has any reason to question hers, then Spike definitely has more of a reason to if it pops up in his head or if he's persuaded.
  10. That's a good idea, too, thanks! *Writes down "Dance Music"* I learned my adventure skills from my Granny Beakley. She's always telling me to be prepared for *anything*.
  11. I like their milkshakes more than their chicken to be honest. I still think it's pretty decent food though, for fast food anyway.
  12. Chief Bogo acts tough to keep his officers focused.
  13. Nick and Judy, Why does Chief Bogo act so tuff, when he's actually nice?
  14. Their food is really tasty, but a tad overhyped imo, I still think there are plenty of better fried chicken options. As for their politics, I'm not even gonna touch that shit
  15. Nachos, that's good. How about Dance Music? Webby, Where did you learn your adventure skills?
  16. full.png

    Twilight: I am okay, oof. Alicorn biology. :P

  17. Actually, I have ambitions about someday becoming a wealthy games developer (I'm nowhere near there yet, but someday, I'd like to be), and I've actually figured out what I want to do if I ever reach the billion-mark...but it'll take some context to explain it: The problem with the games development industry these days is that there are two kinds of companies: the kind that keeps you around for a long time while paying you peanuts (basically Blizzard Entertainment is the only one in this category), and the kind that could fire you at the drop of a hat despite paying well for however long you stay. I think a part of the reason why job security is so scarce in game development is because, when the market situation changes, the game you've been working on might no longer be a good idea or worth pursuing, and then your project gets cancelled, at which point the company you're working for has no use for you, and you get sacked. That kind of instability makes it hard to raise a family; you need steady, reliable income for that. So most games developers move out of the industry after about 5 years. With that context in mind, here's what I'd like to do: build a games company that can be ruthless with projects, but not with people. Sure: I could cancel (or indefinitely suspend) a project, but then I'd move the people who were working on that project to a different or new project. The problem is: it takes a lot of money to have a company that's big enough to be able to do that---I figure it'd be in the ballpark of a billion dollars. But if I could make that happen, if I could create a company that could offer its employees a decent, stable paycheck, then the top talent in gaming would want to work for me. And then, to compete for those employees, other games developers would have to reorganize themselves so they could also offer the stability that I'd be offering---it could change the industry if a company like that existed!
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