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  2. O my God. Enough with the story arcs. Four episodes before the finale is not enough against the more need for Applejack, Shining Armor and Cadance, and Sugar Belle.
  3. I think he means the full list in the calendar, as there users are sorted alphabetically. If it wasn't about the full list then yeah, that block already does that as Jeric said.
  4. the other day I accidentally opened the door in someone's face i felt so bad
  5. I'm gonna head out for the night, see ya.



  6. That's cool. Another question for Amunet, have you seen Duckburg yet or planning on going to Duckburg?
  7. Amunet says: It feels strange to be outside of the Pyramid but I'm getting used to it.
  8. Launchpad, This question's for Amunet, How are you enjoying life from outside the Pyramid?
  9. tfw u realise ur alone in the house
  10. I only know deereadful puns. :muffins:

  11. @Blitz Boom Now Sen has magic in him too? Lin really downplayed it when the two of them last met up. Sen was around once but he didn’t think to mention this part. Choice or not, this is the way it has become. What was simple knowledge has been turned upside down. No longma in the longest time has ever had access to magic. The forest’s wards were there ever since the longma took up residence in the area, maybe some ancestors several hundred years back had magic but no one in the present has it. “And you simply want to follow whoever your master is? Lin was remade by your Mother, does she serve her as well? What about Sen? Look, the way you said your piece makes me wonder about this, I’m getting a headache from thinking about this, and I am not liking anything I just heard.” “Our kind have had a history with Discord; his magic, his influence is far-reaching and now I find out you have some connection to him. You were probably made to serve him but you are now with Lin and Sen. Why them?” Zo proceeded to continue working, picking up the tools he placed down and began fashioning something with string and stone. He didn’t mean to come off sounding harsh but perhaps he just wanted Omen to tell him something that would put himself at ease, something to remind him that the Sen and Lin he knew from when they were young were still there. Seeing them all grown up, changed in more ways than one, he pines for the grandchildren that were gone for the longest time. Maybe he would need a different kind of conversation with someone who can tell him the story better, but in some way, he trusted Lin and Sen and would want to extend the same trust to Omen. Just not now.
  12. Hello, the Rooster is home.


    Couldn’t be on this morning, went out.

  13. Woohoo! I finally found where I misplaced my missing motivation. :pinkie: With a little luck, I'll have something to show for it in a day or two. post-25189-0-33094200-1412626540.png

    1. Sparklefan1234


      Where was it? :ooh:

    2. Totally Lyra

      Totally Lyra

      I left it in my pocket and sent it through the washer. It survived with minimal wear and tear and is perhaps a little cleaner and shinier now. :D

  14. I had to hold back on posting here until I had more added to my catalog--it's a weird catalog due to it always changing. The former unicorn villains interacting with one another in their own subtle way... well... some of them. When practicing yoga doesn't quite work out for you. Check out this alternate look for Sunset. Sunset and Pinkie Pie. Hmmm... A 'hardcore' Sunset is in order.
  15. @Duality Ah I see damn it I really don't want to redo my whole post.
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