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  2. @Denim&Venom "Well considering that I didn't even contribute to this mess I very much don't intend on cleaning it up, also by the way your exercise is dumb and thanks for not even talking to me..." Kat was even more in a foul mood than before and saw no point in even coming to this class again, she firmly believed that everyone in this room was possibly a bit more stupid than when they started this class. She walked over to the door to leave but second guessed herself feeling bad for her classmates who had this crap to deal with and decided to turn around and help them clean up, but then she was out. She had no interest in what this weird fox wanted nor did she think this class should be even a thing considering she nearly destroyed a section of the building as she came into the classroom! Like who even does that and doesn't get fired?
  3. It may take you a moment to fully realize the genius of this idea... .......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... ... Hire SUPERVILLAINS to test the defenses! There's no more reliable test than that! I can send a message across all of Equestria: "Canterlot Castle has come under increased attack from powerful adversaries lately and we want to provide the best possible defense against them. Any powerful adversaries will be rewarded handsomely for providing authentic attack scenarios on our castle and give us feedback about what parts of our defense could use improving. - Banding together for concerted attacks is welcome." I can picture it: A cosmic death ray (from SPACE, you know, where no one is standing guard!!!) melts the castle into a pile of glass. Regal sisters: "Excellent! We did not expect that. Next time we will be better prepared. Thank you for your services. ... Can we pay you in glass beads?" Pinkie scriptum: Every factory-new castle needs a break-in phase or it will never develop its full power.
  4. I dunno guys. It's pretty hard for me to want to stay here on the forums now. I don't watch the show anymore, most of my close friends from here have moved on, and it's incredibly hard for me to meet new people..

    There's nothing here for me anymore, only faded memories and shattered friendships.

  5. @Catpone Cerberus Dynamo and Dew Drop: As Jade had been introducing who the couple was, Dew's eyes widened slightly as she recognized the names. "So, y-ou're the Sunlight and Dynamo t-that Jade had been talking about. D-Don't worry as he had s-said nice things about you both. Just like Jade had b-been saying. My name is Dew Drop a-and it's a pleasure to meet you both. This is my s-shop which holds dozen upon dozens o-of different flowers. H-How can I help you both today? I-Is there anything t-that you're looking for in particular?" She held a hoof out to guide/show the couple all the different flowers that were arranged. "It's nice to meet you, Dew. All of these flowers look amazing and really taken care of. I do need some help as I have a sort of request. However, I can wait as Sunny has a request, as well. Ladies first, after all." Dynamo smiles as he knew the flower for Sunlight's dress was a more important matter to attend to. Plus, he knew it might still be awkward between the two siblings after what Sunlight had told him on the train ride to Manehatten.
  6. Should I laugh or cry? "50 products - 14.5 MB - 23 April 2019" 469414
  7. @Dynamo Pad Scarlet smiles and nods, still hugging her Litten plush, "I think a nap in your bed sounds wonderful" she says "We can then make more plans once we both feel refreshed and less tired" she says as she covers a yawn and follows him out of the train and onto the station platform. "Alright dear, lead on, and take shortcuts if you feel the need to, I'm still pretty tired, so the sooner we get to home and the bed, the better"
  8. This pony is not happy.

  9. @Lady Moonspell Dynamo smiles as she took his arm, while the two made their way to the front door of the baker. As Scarlet knocked on the door, the two had heard Pinkie's voice as she opened the front door. "Hey, Pinkie and Cupcake. It's nice to see you." He says, chuckling as the two walked into the baker. "Thanks you Pinkie. Plus, Scar and I will always keep a promise. It's just like what you said about a Pinkie Promise. Once you make that kind of promise, then you must keep your word of that promise. Forever." He narrowed his eyes at the last part of his explanation, before chuckling once more. As the group was talking, Cheese had made his way into the room. At the same time, he had been folding a piece of paper into a small square, before placing the small paper into his mane. "Hey, you guys! It's so nice of you two to stop by. We hope you both weren't waiting very long. Pinkie and I were planning out parties for the next several months." Dynamo's eyes widened in surprise, before smiling in amazement. "It's okay, Cheese. Scar and I just got here and that's impressive. It sounds to me like you two will be pretty busy on making birthday parties." He says, nodding as the female rabbit had given the gist of their arrival. "We should be back from Manehatten by tonight or tomorrow. So, the usual order of snacks should be efficient." He says, before continuing. "Seeing as we are also here to visit our favorite niece. Who wants a hug from their auntie Scarlet and uncle Dynamo?"
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  11. Is it wrong to say that Trixie is my favourite changeling and Pinkie Pie is my favourite kirin?

  12. @Lady Moonspell Dynamo listened to Orange's remark, before nodding as he took his phone out of his pockets. " the moment it's 6:30 pm. So, we should be back at the arcade around 7:00 pm. Give or take since we all don't want to rush in eating. So, we should have about 2 to 3 hours of playing in the arcade, before we all should go home." He says, smiling and nodding once more at the idea. "Working at the malt shop sounds like a lot of fun. I remember how busy it can be during the summer break. Maybe if you ever need help, then I can stop by and be of assistance." He says as he smiles at her. Sunburst nods, while trying to hold back a chuckle. "Okay and you're right, Starlight. From now on, I'll make sure to tell you the truth. You're my best friend since we were younger. It's pretty much next to impossible to lie to each other, you know?" He asks with a smile.
  13. @Lady Moonspell As the train continued to glide along the tracks, Dynamo's eyes were becoming heavy, while he tried to hold back a yawn. He knew that if he wasn't driving and was in the passenger's seat, then he would more than likely fall asleep. He rubbed his eyes and shook his face to try and stay awake. After an hour had gone by, the train had finally made it's stop at the Ponyville train station. He looked to the female wolf as he wanted to wake her up, but he noticed that she was beginning to stir from her sleep. "Eeyup. We just got to station just a moment ago." He says, nodding in confirmation as he got out of his seat. As he went to go and grab their suitcases, Dynamo had given Scarlet a look of understanding. "Okay and that's no problem. It was busy the past couple of days. Given how we played a lot of video games and had the tournament to worry about. That, and we're both still pretty tired from the train ride home." He says as he returns the nuzzle. "You don't have to apologize, hon. I think snuggling up in bed and having lots of snacks is a great idea. Maybe if we're still tired, then we can go and take a nap. How does that sound?" He asks, making sure he had all of their belongings.
  14. oh, dream cookie, I gave you a cute video link it's about a dog and it's on this page further down


    look for a time stamp of sunday



  15. 6/10 I like everything but the vocals, which ruin it IMO.
  16. I'm not sure if I can trust Nick, but I'll give it a try.
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