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  2. This week's upcoming episode "The Point of No Return" was written by Gillian M. Berrow. She confirmed it on her Twitter:

  3. Looks like you are using HEIC format: Not sure if even most pcs can display it, browsers surely can't (unless apple I suppose).
  4. I myself am not trans, but I know a few people who are, in fact, they're good friends to me, and I support them 100%
  5. nope, (playmobil were more popular here when i was growing up) books?
  6. When you have enough money to purchase parts for one. That is why mine at the moment is a frankenstien of new parts and old parts.
  7. Same. And mine is on the verge of no return.
  8. Fairly sure this still has to do with this. This is a work in progress and we know of the problem at hand.
  9. I tend to wait til mine are on the verge of no return before getting a new one.
  10. Olly


    I was in a relationship with an adult while I was a minor, so my perspective might be different. People fret so much over this...
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