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  2. Granted. Drafted into the worst team ever and never make it to championship. I wish i could could be as talented as some of the YouTubers I watch.
  3. King Sombra went on charging past, though he kept on running for a bit he almost immediately turned around and stopped in his tracks, though as he did so, the shield hit him and he was knocked across the floor, and pulled himself up, staggering slightly before assuming a royal and regal stance. He smirked widely at Shining Armour's call for attention. It was obvious that Sombra's manipulation attempts were not going to work on his enemy here. "I am anything but powerless." he said in a low, obviously angered growl, highly offended at such a notion. He didn't charge or do anything direct yet, his horn glowed a deep purple color as black crystals rose from the floor around the duo, and kept on rising. It was evident that the King was attempting to trap his foe, with him. At this time the other guards had arrived, but only to see a massive circular wall that prevented them view of what was going on inside other than through cracks between the crystals and such. "You can't defeat a force of nature." Sombra said, almost as if an ancient and knowing tone, but hostile nevertheless. As he said those words, the room seemed to get darker and Sombra resorted to firing dark green lasers at Shining's shield, not really even attempting to hit it that much, just distract him, and then he tried to ram the shield, to break it all together. All around the ponies that had arrived on the scene, the shadows on the walls took upon various, intricate but graphic shapes showing intense images of the crystal ponies being servants to the King that had oppressed them, aswell as his mind controlled guards punishing crystal ponies and shadowy figures all about the place, it was a fair work of art, ashame that it depicted such violence. Then they heard whispers from the dark, of another language they didn't understand or know, it sounded ancient, but sinister. No doubt Sombra was up to his tricks, still. @Caligula
  4. Just look at that beautiful mane of Luna's! 


    1. Fluttertastic 16

      Fluttertastic 16

      Her hair is so beautiful. My eyes get a little wet. 

    2. Twilight Luna

      Twilight Luna

      You could get lost in her mane for hours.

  5. Truthfully told... there was never much of a "why;" I simply gained interest in the series, and the rest is history. In regards to openness, however, I tend to be rather reserved with my interest, as it tends to be rather... alienating at times.
  6. I joined the fandom to meet other fans of the show, in addition to trying to become less withdrawn. I would say I'm somewhat open about being a fan. I'll admit to it if I was asked, though I wouldn't say anything to give it away.
  7. I'd say extremely likely, since it already exists. "Equestria Girls". Neither are stupid enough to be in a Laverne and Shirley type show.
  8. Granted, but now you read the last chapter of every book you read, first. I wish I was a pro ice hockey player.
  9. @Califorum Alas, king Sombra's tricks would surely work on another ponies, but Shining Armor had a few traits that were embolden him, even in the face of such danger - he knew that he has to defend his family and country. He was the defender of the realm, the first and last line of defence against the darkness brought by former tyrant - and he had no desire to fail, not without at least roughing his enemy. "If they are weak than what are you? Powerless?". Now, when it came to a fight, Shining Armor was able to shine. Despite focusing on defensive magic he wasn't fully passive, quite contrary - for experienced user a shield could be as deadly as real weapons. That's why, when he noticed charging king, he merely pushed his shield as forcefully as a possible - turning this pink barrier into a projectile of sort. He immediately dodged to the side, not exactly willing to stay on the path of charging warlock. "ALARM! TO ARMS, EVERYPONY!", Shining Armor shouted with all strenght left in his lungs. Even if he wasn't able to reach barracks... his voice had a fair chance for that.
  10. VATS I know, the song says tubs. But those are clearly VATS!
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    826 Whoa y'all skipped 500!
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