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  2. AWesome! Too bad card sleeves with motives don't last long at all. (Did you post in that MTG thread?)
  3. But... Why would you need bacon and eggs? You're a machine
  4. 469339 Too many puppies!
  5. *Slaps you, Princess Luna and Nightmare Moon* Yeeah, No... I am the winner of this tournament! All shall bow to me and offer me their bacon and eggs!
  6. I don't believe there are such things a 'swear words'. I freely say whatever expresses my feelings the in the truest way for the situation.
  7. Banned because that's not what I meant
  8. You have too many underscores in your name to win diddly squat! Mirage wins because Mirage ownz0rz you!
  9. 469335 The thread in general, anyone who was interested
  10. Banned for comparing the mane 6 to record cleaners.
  11. Banned because I'm only using their past track record
  12. 469333 *whispers* who is he talking to?
  13. Daily. I don't think I can go a day without swearing. XD
  14. My special talent is crying the entirety of niagara falls daily

  15. Banned because the mane six would still find a way to defeat your evil plans for total domination of Equestria
  16. Whinny City Ponycon 2019 was amazing! Here's my friends and I are the beer tasting (I'm the one with the long hair on the left)
  17. 469331 Dunno, it's a long way back though
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