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  2. I'm happy with some aspects, although there are plenty of other things which spoil the enjoyable ones. Mainly all my health issues, which just seem to keep on piling up.
  3. I've played my fair share of online games, although I don't play them nearly as much as I used to.
  4. @Jedishy Tranquil smiles and thinks a bit about her parents "They weren't entirely against it, more like they were just concerned for my health and safety" she says softly, "As for them being pleased with my change-ish of profession, I am sure they will be more than happy I am no longer communing with the spirits and the curse is lifted" she says, sipping on her own tea.
  5. I wish Luna could enjoy Spring like on this picture: Last night I read a part of the Guardian chapter about Luna s ability to influence at other ponies dreams, about her duties as sleepwalker. You see Scootaloo. Quality of your dreams is in good hooves. Simply try to sleep now....somehow. I ponder if Lyra whenever has any other dreams. Celestia would be happy. Talking about Celestia...... Hard punishment. She probably has eaten one of Luna's cakes. Probably the real reason of banishment to the Moon. BTW That stallion...*shakes head*.......Celestia has really strange liking. So ...
  6. I keep the meat and dairy game low. But there's no way in Hell I'd stop eating them completely.
  7. I wish you all a good night:orly:
    I leave you with this shot of the new resident of the reef:-D

    Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 11.50.28 PM.png

  8. If it was for a noble cause like in WWII then I would go (at least, I certainly hope I would. None of us can say for certain) If it was something dumb like the Vietnam War then... I'm not sure
  9. Is suicide an option? Seriously I value my life right now, but I value my principles more in this case. I'm not going to willingly serve the $#!+ that is the US military. Technically speaking, I wouldn't be physically qualified to serve. I wouold be roughly 10 pounds under the weight and I can't lift the weight necessary. Or I could just try as hard as I could to be discharged as soon as I could.
  10. I'm feeling cold! I need my princesses' love and warmth surrounding me.


  11. I don't really like either of them in all honesty, but I'd take GTA any day over the garbage that is Fortnite.
  12. Tomorrow and 5 days from now two huge things happen

  13. I’ll play ANYTHING over Fortnut, Royal Buttle. So, GTA.
  14. Which game do you prefer more Fortnite or GTA. For me I’d say GTA it’s a lot more fun.
  15. There's just a few more doors, I won't take many more
    Just one at a time
    You've got your axe in hand, everything's gonna be fine in the end
    Or so she pretends
    Oh Spooky I've got a bone, to pick with you when I'm done
    With your little game
    I open the Last door
    Don't know what's in store


    I can't believe how hard I relate to TheLivingTombstone's song on Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion. Currently at room 700. Only 300 more doors.

    1. Loyal Defender

      Loyal Defender

      I should mention this game freaking includes cannabalistic deer. Horrifyingly, enough said.

  16. Happy b-day! :balloon:

  17. Happy b-day! <333

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      *Grab & hug*

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      k thx <3 <3

      This set of reactions is so nice

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      Almost forgot a b-day...


  18. I have respect for such, but I am usually not. However for religious reasons I cut out meat on Fridays, and during Lent and Advent except Sundays, as long as I am getting food just for myself, I am vegetarian, and try to be vegan (except fish are okay for some reason). It's actually pretty healthy. And it's more representative of our ancestors;' diet. We eat a lot of meat these days, and we eat it often. But that's a modern privilege. It's good to recognize this.
  19. Hoping for Spike's crush on Rarity to not take over his role in here too! That got really old in BGE! Luckily, they'll only be doing stuff they haven't done yet, so we got that going!
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