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  2. Former-former-fan, if that makes sense. I started watching in season 1 and stopped after season 3. Glad I came back, because I found some new favorite episodes that came out long after I stopped.
  3. I should try to remember to get some milk when Iā€™m out.
  4. I'm going to eat 5 year old pretzels along with my WWI coffee (to drink).
  5. With my many statuses on DuckTales lately, I never blogged about it. Well, not anymore. ;)


  6. The Duck Knight Returns is perhaps the best episode of the new DuckTales. Of the many reasons why, the brilliant commentary on fandom's one of the most creative. It's able to comment about fandom without being mean, narcissistic, or retaliatory to criticism. It knows how to shape this commentary into the canon with nuance and care. There are five specific points that really shape up this commentary. Launchpad (representing the older fans) had a valid argument against the Darkwing Duck movie. The trailer hinted that DWD knowingly hurt people, even though he was a hero in the TV series. LP realized how out of character Movie!DWD was and justifiably criticized it. The episode never mocked him for complaining or took his opinions as a joke. When Launchpad wanted to show how good the original DWD is, Jim Starling manipulated him into doing something that contradicts his morale: trap the "replacement" in his trailer. Recall this line. He understands what he's doing isn't right. A contradiction of everything he knows and loves of DWD. But Starling successfully tapped into that "irrational fan" in him and make him believe that he must trap and hurt the "replacement" in order to truly capture his glory. All throughout the fight, his conscience outwardly battled him. As well as believing he had to fight the actor, he really didn't want to. Every time he tried to fight him or fling him, he was immediately apologetic. When he was so close to damaging rare DWD collectibles, he stopped. Once the brief, hilarious fight ended, the actor and LP weren't foes anymore. They became friends. The actor is a lot like the crew working on DuckTales or any other creation today. Darkwing Duck's a cashcow (and like what another reviewer said, all products that make money are technically cashcows), but some lack that soul than others. For the DuckTales crew, this is their dream becoming reality. They're big fans of DWD, DT, and probably many other Disney Afternoon properties (they wouldn't sneak in TaleSpin and Goof Troop Easter Eggs for no reason). The original DT is an inspirational classic a representation of a fan's dream becoming reality, and now they use their vision to inspire future generations of animators, fans, and storytellers. The actor represents that same role; yes, the movie's not good, but he's as big a DWD fan as anyone, and hopes to someday inspire future generations too. The path to friendship between LP and the new actor is very symbolic to this show and the cartoon medium at large to date. How CN's reboots of Teen Titans, PPG, and Ben 10 understandably made many people wary of the DT reboot. How updates of the new DT, Woo-oo!, and future episodes excited people and gave them hope. How many DT and DWD fans were very disappointed when DWD was a TV show within the new canon. Well, after this episode, nobody was questioning them now. Through great writing, creative ideas, and brilliant execution, fans who grew up with the old, fans who are now professionals working on the new, and fans inspired by the new can unite and enjoy a product together.
  7. @Lord Valtasar @Sherem @ExplosionMare Emerald wobbled the rest of the way home. She turned the knob lazily, then climbed into bed, falling asleep in an instant. She was sweating and shaking in her sleep.
  8. Psycho @Demencia Love your avatar and your sig. Villainous is a good web show.
  9. I ain't happy, I'm feeling glad.

    I got sunshine in a bag.

    I'm useless but not for long.

    The future is coming on.

  10. Banned for not making your avatar drink.
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