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  2. I'm going for the St. Louis Blues, Just for the sake of my philosophy of wanting to see every NHL franchise become Stanley Cup Champions at least once.
  3. Looks like Jon Moxley (fka Dean Ambrose) is headed to Japan now this June.
  4. Outlawed for not being a loyal follower to the true Alicorn of Alicorns.... Princess Starlight Glimmer.
  5. On the opposite end here. She’s very comfortable around both Smolder and Ember, who are both larger than Spike. Last semester, Fluttershy helped rehabilitate a larger dragon (Sludge) so he can fly again. In addition, her admiration for baby dragons calls back to her very first meeting with Spike: Talking to him helped her become more comfortable around Twilight. If she showed dracophobia now, it would retread old ground and show no growth to her character. And her calling out Garble and others for bullying Spike is more than justified. Garble was making Spike feel unwanted. Yelling at them scared them to stop and demonstrated she won’t tolerate any abuse aimed at him, which was backed up further by calling him out (in front of Smolder) for bullying Spike to hide his own insecurities. I understand looking and using other people's viewpoints and opinions to shape your own, but please try not to quote me out of context. Using just that paragraph does make it look like I'm complaining about Fluttershy's characterization but later on I say this: I have no issue of "why Fluttershy was used" she was used fine (interaction with Ember and Garble showed growth), had purpose (taking care of newborns like all her other animals so she's an expert) and re-emphasized development....again. My issues come from the overall "how she's been used consistently" and this episode just reiterates my observation as such. So please if you are going to quote me for analysis, do it in the context of my conversation to either add or rebuttal my statements, thank you.
  6. Work my way up towards being the first avian humanoid to perform a sonic rainboom.
  7. @Literally Snails @dragon4111 @Unicorncob Before we go any further, I just want to note that I wanted to keep the canon of Yu Yu Hakuso while throwing in some references of a game I've played and an abridged series I watched.
  8. Never petted a deer. Not yet anyway. I've petted a water buffalo though.
  9. @Literally Snails @Unicorncob @dragon4111 Seeing the gauntlets from Draco, he knew it was only delaying the inevitable. So he took the gauntlets and brought them back to their user, letting him heal up instead. "Why waste your energy to heal your trainer?" he asked Draco. "Apparently fate has a way with twisting things to where we cannot stop it. "As for you, Jade," he added as he pulled his leader away from Tricis and Rokata, "sometimes it's too late to save a mare and/or stallion. We need to heal up before we join her in death. Besides, we have to save our energy for the Finals." "And finally," he continued as he picked up Draco, holding both him and Jade as he looked at Rokata. "I get where you're coming from. There's no point in being afraid of the inevitable. There's just one problem, Roky. Death will be calling your name eventually, and when he does come to get his due... don't come crying to Jade. If you do... well it'll be up to her to let you live or not in the tournament." With all of that out of his system, he finally started carrying both Draco and Jade, starting the trek back to the stadium grounds.
  10. And so begins another day. What's the deal with me waking up before midday lately?


    Whatever time it is in your part of the world, I hope you're all doing well. :P


  11. Thinking of how I'm going to handle a mystery case in a roleplay I'm involved in. It's not really a "mystery" case, because all the authors know what happened, but there's hardly any evidence that it happened, and the only testimony is that of a distressed young girl, so it's hard to convict someone. :v
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  13. Unpopular opinion: 

    Martin Truex Jr. is an overrated driver. :maud:

    1. Renegade the Unicorn
    2. Lucky Bolt

      Lucky Bolt

      Martin Truex Jr. He's a NASCAR driver. :P

    3. Renegade the Unicorn

      Renegade the Unicorn

      Ahhh, NASCAR. Fun.

      I've watched a few races.

      Jimmie Johns is my favorite, if only because I like how alliterative his name is.

  14. Very cute artwork, @Totally Lyra! Looking forward to more!
  15. Finally, an episode about Garble being reformed. I thought he had changed a bit when Ember became the dragon lord and made him hug everybody, but looks like I was wrong. That Garble was Smolder's brother was a shock, too. Not too radical, but unexpected nonetheless. I feel that the writers are giving FiM its final touches. Things that needed to be sorted out are getting done, one by one. This was a necessary episode, and I'm glad that I'll be able to see a 'nice' Garble from now on.
  16. Nope... Never got close enough.
  17. @Stardust* This sounds pretty cool and I'd be interested in wanting to give this RP a try. Would it be okay if I used my OC, Dynamo Pad, again? I have an idea for how he could work in the adventure, but I thought maybe we could discuss the idea, if that's okay. Here's a link to my OC, Dynamo Pad.
  18. @Stardust* "Yeah, we do keep in touch, we text a lot and when I go back to Manehatten I stay with her at her place. She does come home and visit, so I will make it a point that I go to her house and we spend some time together." As he listened to her statement, Dynamo couldn't help in smiling. "That's really good to hear. It's great knowing that you have a friend out there in another town in Equestria. Does she live on her own, or does she have friends staying with her. I seemed to recall that she was friends with a pony named Silver Spoon." As they talked, it helped Dynamo to smile as he remembered about his friend. "Since we're on the subject of friends. I remember reading a book once as this pony bumped into me. We did apologize to each other, but we accidentally took each other's book. After looking for her, it turns out that we both liked magic and other things after talking to each other. If you don't know who I mean, then I shall explain. Her name is Starlight Glimmer. Princess Twilight's protege. She even told me about her past, but it honestly didn't matter to me what bad things had happened. What mattered was that she was able to change and was able to learn from those mistakes and is now an awesome friend." She agreed with all that he said about the school, and she agreed that it was very important that other creatures from across equestria know that they are loved and cared for. She made her way to the door of the café and stepped outside. It was starting to warm up and she was happy to see that the Pegasus ponies made sure that the clouds were out of the way for tonight's concert. There are just some days/nights that they are too overwhelmed to make sure that things go just right. "I'm glad to see that the weather is going to be perfect for tonight." As they couple made their way out of the cafe, Dynamo could feel the temperature in the air starting to warm up. He looked up as the Pegasus ponies were moving the clouds out of the sky to make a clear and sunny day. "I can't argue with that. I don't want to tempt fate, but it really does feel like it's going to be a great night for the concert. I might bring a jacket with me just in case it's a little chilly." Once she was inside the hotel room she put her bag on the table and laid on the bed, she was ready to watch the anime, she got comfortable and patiently waited. After they had returned to their hotel room, he laid down on the bed with his back leaning against the headboard of the bed. He levitated the video game controller over to him as he turned on the gaming console. After a few minutes had passed, he was able to find the Netflix app and searched for the anime in question. His eyes scanned the screen, until he eventually scrolled towards the anime, Black Clover. "Aha! There we go. They do have a certain amount of episodes on here, but I guess they want to see how others will like the anime. If we have to, then we can definitely try an anime episode website." He smiles as he looks next to the female vixen. "So, what do you say? Are you ready to check out this anime? If so, then let's get started." He says, pressing the play button on the video game controller, while the opening to the anime began to play.
  19. Just high school, it’s an extra English writing subject, I’d love to do English writing in college but I’m not sure I have enough natural talent as I very much have a maths brain myself
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