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  2. Pastel-coloured ponies are the cutest!
  3. No one's on Minecraft or Discord....well, people I wanna be with. I'm loneleyyyyyyy

  4. For me, it's English. Never really that strong in it and don't enjoy it.
  5. I always cuddle up with my Coloratura plushie in bed. Also have another 20 or so on my bed, which takes up like half of the space (yeah, I have a small bed ).
  6. Here, have some hard rock in your life. :ph3ar:



  7. What's the biggest flaw? Spike's Flash puppet unexpectedly disappearing mid-scene while Twilight is in front of her chalkboards making plans. XD I didn't notice this until it was pointed out, and apparently none of the animators at DHX noticed this, either.
  8. Well... That's complicated. The gears are moving from some really important and great stuff in my life right now, but then there's stuff that isn't going well... My foot problems have put me in a not-so-great position right now with working and money. I haven't been allowed to work in over two and a half months. I'm running out of money. Even if I get to return to my job, it's at 4 AM in the morning, which makes me very unhappy. I wish there was some way to get me back working with my condition and not have to get up that early. I really need the stars to align right now. Prospects of returning to grad school any time soon are... Mm. My French II class for this semester got canceled due to low enrollment and now I can't even afford to enroll in the summer class. So this is a major set back. One entire semester went down the drain, and another one might, too. It's quite depressing compared to my last post in here, when I had just returned to college. It's really awesome that I returned to college and then graduated, but... Then I returned to essentially my old job I had before going back to college. And now medical issues prevent me from even being able to do that... As I said, there are some really good things going on that I never really thought would get to happen in my life. So there is good. Plus my living situation is pretty nice. I love my parents, and my dogs.
  9. Me! Though I'll probably get a job once I finish year 12.
  10. I should be doing my homework that's due tomorrow, instead of browsing the Forums and gaming.
  11. Hey Crushie :rarity: I hope to see you back on here soon, I miss you! 

  12. In real life, no (and I don't think I'll ever get one). But still, I like to think of Coloratura as my special somepony.
  13. My favourite subjects are IT (tech) and maths. One subject that I really loved is electronics, but this subject isn't available in year 11 and 12.
  14. I did hide some eggs in the back garden and out front with my dad for my nephew and niece to find. I wasn't there to see them do this however as I had to go on my daily walk but from what I was told after I came back, they had fun finding where they were hidden. Other than that, I did nothing else of merit.
  15. It tended to be Math related subjects, strangely enough. I imagine it is due to the fact that math is more about knowing a process and executing it, rather than memorizing large portions of knowledge. Tough I know this is a rather unpopular opinion, I found Math and even Algebra by far the most tolerable due to this. It may be a touch tedious, but it is rewarding once you arrive at the correct answer (instead of remembering it).
  16. @Jedishy "You were having a nightmare last night and was having trouble sleeping" she says, still meditating, "I did what I could to calm you, but I didn't it was my place to wash your fur" she smiles a little "and good morning to you too hon"
  17. Jedishy

    Star Wars Day

    Just under two weeks to go. Are you ready?
  18. @Lady Moonspell As the bags were placed in the backseats of the car, Dynamo nods as he left the driveway and drove down the road. "Okay! Just a quick stop to Sugarcube Corner and we'll be at Manehatten before you know it." He says, glancing slightly to the female rabbit as he raised an eyebrow. "I'm guessing we'll be mostly driving to Manehatten, instead of taking a train. How long does it usually take to get to Manehatten by car?" He wondered as he made sure to stop at any red lights or stop signs. "I remember we have to knock on the door to the dessert shop. Seeing how they might be working on future parties and they wouldn't want us to have the party surprise ruined. I know we should definitely get some treats for the travel ahead."
  19. Classic meme:


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      I guess y'all never been to the midwest...

  20. @Lady Moonspell Winter woke up feeling like he had taken a bath in snow clouds. His fur was freezing. He stumbled into the living room and towards the kitchen shivering. He did not even see Tranquil as he staggered past and turned on the stove. " By Luna's mane, I am freaking freezing. What in Equestria happened in last night? It's not even cold. " He muttered this in hissed tones clearly still oblivious to the meditating Tranquil
  21. Science, PE and geography...the only ones I was ever really good at.
  22. I think this episode cleverly dodged the pitfall of most "fanservice episodes" and "all star episodes". It's because of these reasons. It tackled an unexpected and less obvious but necessary subject (checking Canterlot's defense system). We weren't asking "Why are we doing this?" It focused on what the show was about instead of what it isn't. It wasn't about the end of the world, it was about the relationship of the family. It was about brothers and a sister playing a game. They turned something that could go too serious and fanfic-ish into something less epic and lighthearted. The characters were there for a reason. Most of the characters were doing something irreplaceable by other characters and the cameos did fit the context. Instead of making things predictable and move according to the obvious equation and make the audience wait for the obvious thing to happen, they presented the story by moving the story forward as the viewer's recognition of the situation expand, i.e. making the audience feel like being with the ponies and make the characters alive. Honestly after watching episode 3, I thought if episode 4 wasn't good, I was going to give up all hope for the whole show. Usually they put the best material in the first two episodes after the premiere. Thankfully, they can make nice episodes indeed. I hope they keep up the good work and I hope they do even better and make the final season of the show great.
  23. @Scare Effect @megisawsm417 Briarstar nodded and purred slightly "It certainly is a good thing, with catmint being scarce this season" she says @Scare Effect Willow nods "What was it about Jinx?"
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