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  2. I do like both foods, though I find that I can enjoy burgers on a more consistent basis.
  3. The last thing I ate was a blueberry muffin.
  4. Minecraft Path Tracing VR. I live in the future

  5. Life is beautiful, though it can be equally unforgiving.
  6. I find water to be the most satisfying. Black Holes, obviously. Wildfire, I guess. Dead Space 2's Advanced Suit
  7. IKR. Inquiries: 1. Who is your favorite background pony? 2. What, to you, makes FIM so special? 3. How much damage do you estimate would happen should the entirely of the Earth experience reversed gravity for five seconds? 4. Thoughts on the Island of Dolls? 5. If you and Maud were to participate in competitive geology trivia against one another, who would win?
  8. I get them *cough* elsewhere, but am buying the DVD box sets as they are published, so I have legal copies. S6 is on preorder (I suspect at some point they will start doing blueray box sets, and I will have to go buy them again to get HD)
  9. If you have internet you don't need netflix
  10. Does anyone else ever wonder what would happen if a car like Herbie or Christine became a Transformer?

  11. Alexshy

    Ask Luna

    Those are rare forsooth, as throughout all those years she finally managed to build some semblance of responsibility But thou art correct, it befalleth once in a while.
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  13. I've seen quite a few movies recently. The Mule - Eh, not quite my cup of tea. Don't get me wrong, it's a great movie for someone who's a fan of the actor and likes dramas. But personally, I don't care much for dramas. So then, why did I watch it? Well, I just watched it with my parents who are both Clint Eastwood fans, rented it for them, actually. I honestly expected more of an action movie than a drama. As a drama, it's a good movie, but not something I find myself enjoying on my own. Maggie - Ugh, this movie was terrible. Not as a drama, as a drama it was alright. But this is just not my type of movie, I thought it would be a bit more action-oriented. I like how they tried to explore a different side of the zombie apocalypse and how this specific situation could be handled, but it focused a bit too much on trying to be sad and elicit sympathetic feelings from the viewer. There were a few times I liked it, That said, I feel there was a real missed opportunity in one particular scene. It was the fox scene, I wanted it to be more drawn-out, less implied, incredibly graphic, and truly horrifying. But unfortunately, that did not happen. It's just heavily implied and less in-your-face, which loses a lot of shock value. Something that would have made an otherwise terrible movie something worth watching, if just for that scene alone. Think about it, that scene would have made such an impact, yet it was heavily watered down. *sigh* Curse of Chucky - Yes. This movie was great. I love that Chucky has gone back to his straight horror roots, there was pretty much no forced humor, and Chucky even made less 'witty' quips in this than throughout the entire original Child's Play trilogy. It was great. As a fan that was turned off from the franchise because of Bride and Seed, I'm glad the franchise in returning to its original horror roots. Next on the list is Cult! The Shining - This is a masterpiece, and I am so glad I finally watched it! This movie deserves to be showered with praise! Great camera work, amazing acting, and truly suspenseful storytelling. This movie is great and deserves a watch! The only thing I find a bit lackluster about it is the lack of genuine scares. No jumpscares, but it didn't build up atmosphere either. It's a great movie, but I expected more in terms of actual scare factor. I guess it might've been scary at the time of its release, but it doesn't really hold up now. Bumblebee - Nice movie, an actual palatable offering from the live-action Transformers franchise. And a reboot! I like how the movie focused more on character development, which is very welcome. As well as forgoing the stupid juvenile humor found in the Michael Bay-directed series. If the franchise continues this route, I might actually like it this time. Alien 3 - Don't watch this, just don't. It plays out like a terrible Syfy original. Don't waste your time seeing the iconic Xenomorph turned into terrible CGI, don't watch Ripley be incredibly OOC, and don't watch the terrible cast with equally terrible acting. I would advise against even thinking about watching Alien: Resurrection either. The only thing I like about this is the idea that Ripley would die making sure the xenos never end up in the wrong hands. Everything else was terrible.
  14. @Buck Testa Hmm maybe actually one of Ghalan's spells is a wormhole.
  15. @Duality Nah Just pointing out things not being argumentative. But I'll drop it. @Buck Testa Nah Just pointing out things not being argumentative. @Buck Testa Plus I'm in a very good place right now.
  16. You're getting into that argumentative thing again. You've been doing that off and on again for a few pages in ooc now. It's just a game. You've apologized for it a couple times now but you really should start employing some anger management tactics. Whatever happens here isnt worth getting worked up over. Characters arguing and storming out of class are roleplaying scenarios. I'm not literally yelling at @Denim&Venom 's character, this is just how their personalities are clashing. I've even brought up avenues for character development in the future. Ways for our characters to bond and get along down the line. It's a roleplaying game. We're playing roles. Just like how @Passion 's Ley leaning into your character for acting strangely and following her around is just roleplaying. These aren't actual conflicts, they're plot points. but I keep getting the read that you're taking things personally. @Duality is just saying that it wouldn't make sense for a Janitor to immediately take a formal teaching position. Which I don't think is unreasonable to say. Certainly not to replace another teacher character.
  17. How long will Twilight stare blankly after reading this question?
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