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  2. When I did debate, the first year topic was immigration. It's funny now because everyone used to think I'd make a perfect lawyer except my mom... who was a lawyer.
  3. His smile... when I make him smile c: We’re now at 110 pages! When will @Lucky Bolt and @Cyclone do their song cover?
  4. As much as I still feel sweltering and sick, with some paracetamol, ice cream, chamomile tea and zero pressures to help out around the house, life isn’t so bad I guess.

    Anyhow, good night everypony, and sweet dreams!:mlp_grin:

  5. I play saxophone. It was like the one instrument not listed in the poll and I take personal offense to that.
  6. I don't mind violence in media, but I have a distaste for real life violence, especially if it's for no reason.
  7. Bernie Sanders believes that felons, even murderous terrorists who are still in jail, should be allowed to vote.

    If you still support Bernie, please tell me why. 

    1. A.V.
    2. Califorum


      No, absolutely not, thats a horrible concept.

  8. I don’t play any at the moment...tambourine is fun though.
  9. Well, I didn't know my BF on Valentine's Day. The only Valentine's Day I didn't spend alone was in 2015. What is the single most adorable thing about your SO?
  10. If I had to guess I'd probably say Wyoming, as it's the least populated state in the US.
  11. I am probably the only person that non-chalanthly goes from listeing to Hard Rock or Metal to Rap.

    1. The Recherche

      The Recherche

      Well, considering the fact that I have listened to NF, Ella Fitzgerald, Circus Maximus, and Disturbed within the past 24 hours... I would say that you are in good company. :-D

    2. TheTaZe


      Haha, I have such a weird and vibrant music taste.

  12. Jeopardy has never been this fun to watch. ^_^

  13. I use cash primarily but people over here just dont really know how to budget so they just use credit cards i really dont know i honestly dont trust banks much.
  14. I like both of them, but there are more varieties of pizza than burgers so I say pizza. But a cheeseburger with bacon sounds really good right now...
  15. Greetings everypony this is a thread in which you can ask me any questions you want as long as there appropriate. So go ahead and ask away.
  16. You're pretty much spot on. Average CC debt is like $5k. Combine credit cards with 7-8 year car loans, it's easy to rack up massive debt Yep, emergency funds are a must. I live in an area that is affected by hurricanes so I always keep some cash on hand. Lack of emergency fund got a lot of people in trouble during Hurricane Katrina.
  17. You look so stunningly gorgeous, Venny. Absolutely beautiful.
  18. Mellow Mane


    Welcome to the forums! I'm sure you'll like it here!
  19. LET'S GAME!




    1. PoisonClaw


      LEVEL UP!




    2. Renegade the Unicorn

      Renegade the Unicorn

      Buggle Up! Dreaming Girl! (Wow!) Koi no Simulation! Otome wa itsumo Toki Meki Crisis! (Wow!)

  20. So what state do you guys think has the least amount of bronies. I’m gonna say Oregon there are hardly any bronies there.
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