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  2. Normally maybe eat a little candy, but other than that... Not really anything at all. Just another day. Of course it doesn't help this that I am not religious and my family isn't particularly religious either.
  3. Applying for disability while shamefully depending on my family yeehaw
  4. Hmm... As long as I had a vehicle with the correct adjustments and plenty of water, I should be fine, so sure Moldova?
  5. In 1939 the world was plunged into a 6-year war like never seen before in human history. The devastation across the world, especially Europe was enough to weaken the strongest of minds. Those who left over from the war never sought to see such things again for the rest of human history at all costs. A culmination of this will for change formed itself into what was known as "The European Coal and Steel Community", formed in 1956 made up of 6 nations in Europe. Up until 2013, 22 European nations joined into this Union, which was then called the 'European Union'. For decades the Union sought to protect democracy and human rights, aswell as the freedom of its people to prevent another war from ever becoming possible on the continent, ever again.

    This all changed when souring relations between Western and European cultures hit its breaking point. With economic stagnation and member states leaving, the Union's main body sought to keep the European continent connected amid fears of another devastating war out in its dying wake, even if it meant stripping away the freedoms of it's own people. With restrictive legislation after legislation, the people protested. The protests turned into riots, and the riots turned into rebellions. With fear emmassing, a new party was created in France as a solution to the problems which plagued France, and the continent as a whole. It publicized itself as an angel for freedom, a new order for the problems of the generation to go away like that of a bad dream. Utilizing fear, the party grew in popularity faster than any other in history. The party spread to other countries like a plague, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Luxembourg, and Switzerland where they grew in popularity at nearly the same scale. It's name was Gauche. In the French presidential elections of 2022, there was no competition. Gauche took the election by storm. With even more member states of the EU leaving, including Poland, Hungary, Italy, Spain, and Serbia, the newly led EU sought to retrieve the former states back into the Union.

    With an advanced resource at hand, the EU became a threatening force against dissent and utilized it's new-found power to threaten the weakened nations surrounding the European Union. In 2024 war was declared between Gauche and its opposition mostly made up of the former EU nations, Russia, and others. The war only lasted 5 months before Gauche reached Moscow and the war came to a close. In its victory, Gauche officially united into the massive superstate we know today, a tyrant which ruled over its people with an iron fist. Humanity had gone down the path of destruction at its own hands, and the ones at the bottom suffered the most. Surrounding nations tried to topple Gauche, even trying to topple Gauche together, but to no avail. After 73 years, Gauche looks stronger than ever and will likely never cease for centuries to come.

  6. Love you, darling ❤️

    Tsk... I love you, too.


  7. Hooman pls


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  8. Hmm... Can't say I'm their biggest fan... Although I wouldn't say I hate them or dislike all of them.
  9. Not in a million years. I don't find the idea of mountain climbing exhilarating, I just find it frightening and really stressful. The Kalihari Desert?
  10. I used to dislike dogs. Now I don't necessarily particularly love them, but as long as they aren't hyperactive, disobedient, or just straight up annoying they're okay with me I suppose.
  11. @Lady Moonspell Winter returned the kiss. He stumbled to the bedroom he was granted and fell sound asleep. Suddenly Winter was back at his Cute-ceañera. His parents were berating him for the large pile-up of snow he caused in his overexcitement of his first time helping weather patrol. His mother was shreaking at him about how she was now going to have to beg for funding because he delayed the delegation from Canterlot including Princess Celestia herself. His father was telling him that his uncle Spring Step would not be able to wash this one away for him. That he embarrassed the family. What should be the happiest day of his life was just another one of misery. Winter tossed and turned from the nightmare sweat soaking his brow.
  12. My family from my mother’s side usually comes over for dinner. My immediate family also attends, obviously. My family doesn’t stay over late like they do on Christmas or Thanksgiving, though. They are almost always gone by 6:00pm.
  13. It was a bit out of character imo, considering it was previously established that she didn't like having her hooves touched...
  14. I think it depends who you ask. In my case? I say it's pretty far from where I'd be happiest on this Earth. I don't really like amusement parks all that much (I find them rather boring actually because I don't end up liking almost any of the "attractions"), and I have a bit of a sour spot for Disney with what they've been doing with the past 15 or 20 years. I would be more consumed by thoughts of "why the f*** did anyone spend the money to take me here?" than "I'm having the time of my life!" Also, it doesn't help that it's crowded with people and all of the food and drinks are insanely expensive...
  15. @Easter Dash Moving this thread to Sugarcube Corner because it’s asking for a reaction and not discussing the show itself.
  16. Probably not; we are into the final season now, and such a fundemental "reveal" seems unlikely, given they have resurrected a older-generation meta-villain for the arc... Probably needs to be at most PG, even in a spoiler box....
  17. Arete was fascinated by the strange creature addressing her brother and was so totally absorbed she was starting to ignore the crowd. Thanos on the other hoof was scanning around feeling the temperament of the crowd. As Kapi started to speak he felt a focus on him centered around the dragon across the hall they were in. He looked over at the dragon and he could feel the mistrust. It was clear that this was the feline creatures protector. Thanos snorted dismissively at the idea of such a creature attacking him out of misguided fear. Hearing Kapi finishes his focus snapped back to what was in front of him. " I did not mean to imply that you were spreading rumors. I meant others here. Your statement was a bit tactless but that is not really a big deal to me. However, if you are on a diplomatic mission here I would watch such slips in the future. Some pony dignitaries are easily offended and will storm off at such things. Which could make your mission hard if you hope to learn about Equestria. It's just a bit of advice from one of my only areas of expertise. Always let the other creature make the first mistake. " Arete looked at her brother sadly. She could feel the icy nature of his demeanor growing. He was closing off. Becoming more business-like. This was why he struggled with his role. She was sure his potential lay in opening up. But she could not press him. He was immovable to such things. Worse force or aggression would just result in a fight. She refocused on Kapi " I am Princess Arete sister to Prince Thanos and co-ruler of our kingdom. It is a pleasure to meet you. " @Loud Opinion @Buck Testa
  18. Not without a diving gear, a large oxygen tank and something that can withstand the pressure and can move fluidly at a very deep depth... Otherwise, sure The Alps?
  19. Good morning everypony.

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      Good morning bro sleep well how are you?

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      Good morning, my friend!:mlp_grin:

      Happy Easter!

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