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  2. My favorite period starts from the Russian Revolutions of 1917 and then goes all the way through 1929. That history is just so so fascinating
  3. In case I haven't made it obvious enough, my favourite genre of music would be rock.
  4. @Califorum The weaker guardians couldn't stand the terrifying assault on their minds and fled the scene, almost immediately forgetting about their vows or training. It wasn't even that bad - as the weakest one simply surrendered, submitting to Sombra's dark will. His influence started to spread like a plague, as each possessed soldier was able to attack others that were trying to resist king's mind tricks, making them fail, or even drag there unwilling servants unlucky enough to sleep in nearby rooms. However, Shining Armor didn't know that, and was still fighting as hard as possible - which, unfortunately, meant that he was quickly getting weaker. Not only Sombra was able to smash his shields more quickly than he was able to create them, but also his attack on his legs caught him off-guard. While prince of Crystal Empire was standing in place anyway, the mere realization that his enemy was able to bypass his defences was... concerning Especially as he knew that he won't be able to stand against him for too long. "NEVER!", he growled as he resorted to the last, desperate measure - his horn flashed far brighter than before, as he was preparing for the one, final attack. All or nothing. No more shields, no more dodging, only a raw firepower.
  5. Hot shower. After having a long crappy day so often, I need my hot shower. Later, watching television till midnight.
  6. Can you taste the difference between the colors?
  7. It must have been... 2009 i think. Now I'm just here for the memes
  8. Hey having a bit of trouble with these parts of the clothes...any idea how are they called?
  9. What is one of your favorite songs? You've been holding out on me but I know you have one
  10. She would love to know if you like her fabulous butterfly wings!
  11. Oh my this is so impressive. You did that so gently/calmly
  12. Falling down a bunch of seemingly endless steps from a first person point of view... At least it was until a few years ago.
  13. Nope... In fact, one my friendships that started in high school has only gotten stronger over the years.
  14. Do you like Dashie? I would love to know if you like her too
  15. His approach didn't seem working so he decided to try something else. Maybe being getting straight to the questions could work. "Mystic, I want you to be honest with me. I need you to tell me the truth so I can help you. What exactly are these jobs that you do to get money. You told me some of it, but I don't think you've told me everything." Placidus didn't plan on ratting her out, he just wanted to figure out the best way to get her to open up more.
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