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  2. I was playing around with the Leaderboards not that long ago and may have removed that specific element from the feature by accident. I’ll take a closer look here in a moment.
  3. what are some of your favorite bands? (I know it's impossible to list just one)
  4. I can tell it's an election year. The county repaved my road, even tho it didn't need it.  :dash:

  5. I never thought I would meet another person who appreciates emotional sincerity in rock! my brother <3
  6. This game is simple you simply decide what the user above you is in trouble for for ready go.
  7. What do you guys think? Lol

    (I know my legs are thicc but idc. Also my last post about my leggings lol. I’ll get back to normal posting after this one)


    1. Fluttertastic 16

      Fluttertastic 16

      There not the thickest legs I’ve seen but still pretty thick. And I think they look nice.

  8. Oh my gosh this is hillarious. 


    1. Tacodidra


      Of course they ordered a Unicorn Frappuccino! :grin:


    2. Fluttertastic 16

      Fluttertastic 16

      @Tacodidra oooh I love Frappuccinos.

  9. Broadway/Showtunes would be at my number one spot, but following closely behind in second place would be jazz. Although I'm not sure what are the rankings after that... Maybe rock and roll? I'm really not quite sure, I don't really have a particular genre which I dislike, even the ones that aren't that great have some good songs that come out of it!
  10. @Zoop???????????????????????????????????????
  11. I don't really have a goal here. I'm just here to vent, socialize, and whatever.
  12. In Our Town, in Our Town
    Life can be a dream (However)...
    1. Tacodidra


      These lyrics are definitely more pleasant than the original! :D How I wish Luna visited my dreams... :LunaMCM:

  13. Things like chocolate and cake I would definitely continue to eat.
  14. I must sleep now, goodnight all.

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    2. Califorum


      Feels good to read these from bed.

    3. Fluttertastic 16

      Fluttertastic 16

      @Califorum yes it does it’s always nice seeing nice comments before bed.

    4. Tacodidra


      Good night, my friend! :)

  15. I like this take.


  16. I want to see where Lady Fate is leading me.
  17. Mmf, BABY. S P I C Y. Ooh, yeah. UNH 10/10

    1. Mirage


      I'll take one!

    2. Shiki


      Great! I'll just need to see some ID to confirm your date of birth...

  18. No. Food is merely a means to an end for me. Perhaps I would make an exception here or there for special occasions, but outside of those, I would happily abandon eating.
  19. Platinum Games, Nintendo, and Capcom are the only ones that really mean anything to me.
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