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  2. Funny, I was just discussing this with a friend of mine a couple days ago. 1. Take a shower if needed 2. Put pajamas on 3. Watch some tv maybe idk 4. Feed pets for the night/put them to bed. 5. Brush teeth 6. Make up bed 7. Get a glass of water for the night 8. Use the bathroom 9. Lie in bed and browse the forums and/or chat with friends one last time before I fall asleep. 10. Fall asleep.
  3. @Catpone Cerberus Dynamo and Dew Drop: As Dew walked from behind the front desk, she nodded at Dynamo's statement, while also nodding at Sunlight's request of a flower. "S-So, a flower that won't l-lost it's color a-and would f-fit perfectly o-on your dress." She muttered softly to herself, while walking around in a circle around the couple. She had been inspecting the two as she tried to think of the perfect flower that symbolized the unicorn duo. She suddenly stopped in place as she gasped in realization. "I've got it!" She looked around at every flower that was available in the store. She soon took flower after flower, while Dynamo began to wonder what the ebony Pegasus was doing. "Here let me help out." He levitated each flower that Dew had been holding in a levitation spell. Giving a thankful nod, Dew had made her way back towards the couple. "S-Sorry about that. I-I'm not the b-best judge of character, b-but I can tell when I see t-true love. The hoof holding, t-the smiles, the f-feeling of love and care r-radiating as b-bright as the sun. T-The flowers I felt could fit are a red carnation, w-which means true, r-romantic love. A Forget-Me-Not, w-which also means t-true love. A-A red tulip, which means U-Unending and perfect love. A primrose, w-which can mean eternal love. Even a r-red rose, which easily means true love." As she listed off the flowers and meanings, Dynamo began to think of which flower would be perfect for Sunlight's dress. "'s interesting how multiple flowers can share the same meaning. I would say a rose would be perfect, but all the other flowers look really nice." He turns to the orange unicorn mare and raised an eyebrow. "What do you think, Sunny? Is there any flower that catches your eyes?"
  4. ^ I ditto this. And moreover, it's just easier for me to understand something if I can actually visualize it.
  5. I'd assume it would be the state which has the smallest population.
  6. Let's just say I have a good level of tolerance to violence and gore, so I'm not too irked about it in media. Still, I would much rather not deal with it or see it in real life circumstances.
  7. I'd say Alaska or Wyoming. The two most least populated US states in general. Only makes sense.
  8. While it may be the smallest, Rhode Island is the seventh least populated state in the US and it's also the second most densely populated state (behind New Jersey).
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