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  2. @Scare Effect @Dream Walker "Hmm. I wonder what it could be?" Robinstar said. Lotusstar cut him off. "There's no point in speculation. Something may or may not happen. We'll have to wait and see if it happens and, if so, what it is."
  3. Man, I wish that drawing an unflattering picture of a conservative (I don't have anything against conservatives, I'm just doing it to show far-righters how it feels to be overly stereotyped and dishonestly portrayed.) didn't result in getting doxed nowadays because man... I'd seriously KILL to see their reactions. It would almost certainly be some of the funniest stuff I've seen in my LIFE! :laugh:

  4. Hmm, new episode is tomorrow. Guess I won't be able to see it tomorrow since I already have plans at that time. :angry:

    1. Lucky Bolt

      Lucky Bolt

      Would you be able to record it by any chance? 

  5. @Dream Walker Dynamo chuckles and nods in agreement. "I can imagine, but I'd be there to help you rest and recover. I could imagine you would love all the care and attention, sweetheart." He says as she hugged Gentle, before he returned the hug Scarlet had given him. As she skipped off to their room, he sat on the couch and waited for the female rabbit to return. "I'll go and wake up Devin. That way, she'll wake up so we can see you both off." Dynamo nods as Gentle left the living room, before making her way to her room, which she and Devin shared. After some time had passed, Dynamo's ears perked as he heard the sound of footsteps moving down the stairwell. He looked up to see Scarlet, who was in her new outfit. The blue unicorn's jaw dropped as he blushed at the sight of his girlfriend. "Did you dress to impress, hon? If so, then you look really cute." He says, getting up from the couch as he made his way towards the steps. He turned around and smiled softly at the female rabbit. "I'll be right back as I have to change into some new clothes, as well." He says, quickly running up the steps and making his way towards their room. After a couple of minutes had gone by, Dynamo had made his way down the steps and reappeared in the living room. His clothing of choice was a white and blue Mario shirt, dark blue pants and black and gray shoes. "Okay. I'm ready to head off on this trip, sweetheart. I hope you didn't miss me too much." He gave her a playful wink as he made his way over towards the sofa.
  6. In my Pokemon games, yes! Do you own a scented candle?
  7. Good morning everypony.

    1. Mane 6

      Mane 6

      Good morning bro sleep well how are you?

    2. Rarity the Supreme

      Rarity the Supreme

      Good morning my friend!:mlp_grin:

  8. I will start Avengers Infinity War
  9. Josh Habers not only a great writer but he’s my favorite writer. He writes some of the best episodes of the whole series. He’s not afraid to try something new with stories. He’s awesome the show is so lucky to have him.
  10. It’s been a long day. Time to beddy-byes methinks.

    Goodbye and goodnight everypony! Sweet dreams!:mlp_grin:

  11. Whenever it starts to bother me XD What makes a relationship healthy?
  12. Why hello For someone with a disturbing quirk, you are quite attractive.
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