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  2. Banned because they’re Pottsylvanians. They always look like that
  3. Banned because that is easily fixed There you go - now Dexter looking cartoon men.
  4. Wingnut

    Who is going?

    I was tempted, especially since it will be the last one ever. But I will not be there. I’ve had too many things go wrong in recent months with a dying refrigerator being the last straw. Even though I have enough Amtrak guest reward points for a free round trip to Baltimore, I can’t afford a convention right now. So please everyone, have lots of fun on my behalf and take plenty of pics so I can live vicariously through y’all!
  5. It doesn't help that he is a male duck. Just to get you an idea what male ducks do all day long: Oh, I think talking about that is against forum rules. They are dumb! Cute but evil and dumb. I only have female pet ducks at home.
  6. Banned for sinister looking cartoon men
  7. Rainbowfied Dashie 


    1. Splashee


      Tattoos, Hasbro style!


  8. @Splashee It's fine. Hopefully one day Splashee will pull his head out of his ass and see he's actually hurting her.
  9. So the last couple of posts from @Emerald<3 in the RP makes me feel bad, but I don't want to break out of my stupid (for now) uncaring character. Please forgive me from not resolving the tension! Yes @Emerald<3, we'll pause for now. Great job by the way with the story!
  10. Banned for not entertaining your audience
  11. When I'm not posting in other threads or talking to my friends, I'm probably viewing my profile.
  12. Spashee was dodging two Pegasi flying very low towards the ground talking to each other. "By Celestia!!!" He cried out. Please tell me, any of you have a place we can get away from it all? "I'll promise I will share my secrets about this place, just lead the way!" he quacked in panic, seeing two Royal Guards heading their way, being unicorns! (note, they might not be part of the story at all, it is more a way for us to get away from here!)
  13. all the time, I visit my profile and look if someone else visited my profile, then I see nobody visited my profile so I wait 10 minutes press F5 and repeat .-.
  14. Yo @Splashee We should probably pause for now so the others can catch up.
  15. @Lord Valtasar @Splashee @ExplosionMare Emerald Heart stuck to the end of the group, her fuzzy cat ears feeling very sensitive to all the noise. "Ugh..." She still seemed very sad from her last interaction with Splashee. "I hope we can get out of here as soon as possib-- REOWER!" She howled in pain when somepony stepped on her tail. "Yeah." She said, holding her tail to her chest, "The sooner we leave the better."
  16. Did you ever by any chance watch the anime "One Punch Man", like the very first episode?

    My favorite enemy/monster design, so sad he was destroyed so quickly:

    1. Xeltor


      I did watch the first season! Love it as well! (I think he got like that by eating so many crabs/lobster yeah?)

    2. Splashee


      Yes, he did, and that "ugly" kid with the big chin drew nipples on his chest with a permanent marker. That was great comedy that I regret doesn't exist later in the series. Kid: "but I can't leave, my soccer ball" lol!!

      What I love about this character is his way of looking so real, especially while walking. His underwear from the butt side looks so realistic it is scary! And his lips, teeth, and cow tongue.
      Attitude was okay, but the way he was walking, like a boss battle in a video game, it is just so good! :D

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