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  2. Because it’s not as filled with fanservice as Season 5 and 7 were.
  3. No I haven’t for like 2 or 3 years.
  4. I will Start A Pegasus pony who’s gray and she’s a fan favorite.
  5. I don't know why I even bother anymore. I'll never be able to live happily. I should just give up...

  6. I know I'll regret posting this, but I usually pick out one of the Mane 6 to sleep with.
  7. Spring + the Best Friend and Princess + weekend = Forest Walk (at least I would like to give you such possibility my overworked friend). I wish you simply more free time on wekend. *hugs and nuzles* I definitely not recommend you my Luna to do that! There is very cold on the Moon. I don't recommend you as well to use RCV in the mountains, especially in Winter. Possible avalanche would bring profits just for only one pony. Royal Canterlot .....Snoring. I know, I know..... Power of RCV is very famous.... ....and inspiring for many of its fans. A tiny off topic: Yeah. Definitely certain pony has birthday on that time.
  8. I've only played one GTA game, but I enjoyed it quite a lot. Fortnite isn't really my cup of tea.
  9. Good night.


    1. Mane 6

      Mane 6

      Goodnight bro sleep tight. Best wishes to you.

    2. Stormfurry
  10. I've started on the Easter candy...yummy yummy medicine. 

    1. Cwanky


      someone ought to roast a peep on a campfire one of these days

    2. Stormfurry


      Those are good and sticky. 

  11. I'm expecting a pretty ridiculous episode- I mean that in a good way. Whatever happens though, it's a worthy celebration of an impressive milestone.
  12. Here is a official video behind the scenes for the 200th episode.
  13. My thinking voice would be an overdramatised version of my normal voice.
  14. Today
  15. I would never guess if Mr Haber was in charge when the episode would air, but I can tell if it's good or bad based on my personal preferences. So it depends.
  16. If you watch enough vids, you'd understand why I said that.
  17. I'm rewatching The Washouts. This is the best character work of Dash since Wonderbolts Academy, if not her best outing to date. I love it!

    1. Mane 6

      Mane 6

      All of dash appearances in season 8 were great except non compete Clause.

  18. I want to say Shining Armor, because to me, you're an adorkable stallion
  19. Thats the opposite of a problem. Also no they're not. I'm sure you could program one to be NSFW, but it's pretty much just Alexa with an anime hologram.
  20. I do it all the time, never liked milk in my cereal.
  21. Hey Vanilla cloud how long have you been a fan of Mlp for?
  22. You do realize these are wank bots... ?
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