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  2. I think I would be more likely to survive in Ponyville, to be honest.
  3. @reader8363 "Absolument!" She said, using the French word for absolutely (as per habit). She winked just to be silly, "I'll be right back with your drink and your application!" She wrote everything down and entered the kitchen.
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  5. @Emerald<3 Rose's ear flicked slightly, then she looked up and smiled when she saw the waitress from yesterday. She said as she rested her hooves on top of the completed puzzle, "A hot coffee, and I would like to apply for the job, if it's still open."
  6. How is everypony doing?

  7. I use the spell card "anime call back" if the opponent gets sad seeing this card it activates a trap directly from your grave called "I am a monster" which shows just how much of a monster I am you take 400 lp damage for every tear
  8. One day I'm gonna get a plushie of my OC.


  9. I don't like it either. Well, if it must end, we can only hope it ends with a bang.
  10. I've seen plenty of it, though I don't think I could easily pick favourites, aside from Plagg being my favourite Kwami.
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