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  2. @Sparklefan1234 *Hugs BFFFF!*
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  4. My main goal is to stay off facebook. Facebook was taking way too much time and data, here I still get a mild internet social fix without all the facebook politics.
  5. JonTron's new video was super comfy. A bunch of dudes sitting around talking shit.


  6. I love in this scene how Starlight tries to calm fluttershy down and pats her head it’s shows how much she cares for her.  These two definitely need to interact more often.


  7. Right now, I am eating the remains of a chocolate shaped lamb that was given to me by my neighbor and I am washing it down with some tea.
  8. No way, I love Christmas! I’m not trying to sound sappy and stereotypical when I say it’s one of the most happiest times of the year.
  9. I played Paladins this morning. Still getting used to it.
  10. Walking Dead characters. Andrea x Shane FOREVER!! FIGHT ME
  11. Put simply. They have no power to draft me. For all their words, guns, money and ambitions. Nothing they could do would make me fight for them. Imprison me? My mind and heart remain free. Execute me? At least I die loyal to my principals. Turn me into a public figure of hate? Go on then. But whose the bigger monster? The ones crying for bloodshed or the ones who refuse to add to it? Threaten my loved ones to coax me into it? Then what good is your cause when you behave like a terrorist? So basically dear politicians. I don't do international gang warfare. Learn it. Love it.
  12. If you would allow me to take a minute to reflect on these. VG_Addict was definitely too harsh to say "worst." Berrow is no where at all the worst writer. She never has made anything controversial or anything deem too OOC, or anything that makes viewers immediately jump on as the worst episode. However, with all that said, speaking solely on the basis of her episodes and nothing else....she may definitely be the blandest or most mediocre writer. Taking a look back at all her eps (Pinkie Knows, Fluttershy Leans In, Daring Done, Grannies Gone Wild, and End in Friend) all the reception on them is very middling, never reaching highs of seasons best but never lows of seasons worst (closest being FLI and DD) She has a great grasp on the characters, but more often than not the synopses will hold her back from making a truly memorable experience, and the episode instead follows beats that make it "fine." It's a popular belief that it's more entertaining to watch something bad than something unmemorable. So objectively, no she is not one of the worst, but a subjective opinion can easily place her as such for memorable entertainment value alone. With all that said, for those that may feel this way (not even saying I do) there is plenty to set this episode apart from her others most notably focusing on Twilight, a pony she hasn't written much for. Then there is this being a solely simple character episode giving plenty of room for comedy or heartfelt moments (with the librarian, or just books in general). The pieces are all there and it all comes down to execution and with no worries of inner-character conflict in the synopsis (a rather sore spot in her writing) I have no doubt she can leave the series a high note. Hope this introspection helps the lingering doubts and aforementioned malice.
  13. Same, I'm assuming? I feel like it's my responsibility to make him happy, regardless of how down he is. Same?
  14. Eating healthy, and exercising, even just a little bit, is key.
  15. Nope. Hi @Kyoshi @JonasDarkmane I summon thee, strawberry pimp.
  16. Looks like Twilights been replaced. 


  17. My interest in the show is declining quite rapidly. :yeahno:

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    2. Sparklefan1234


      @Woohoo *Whispers* It's a kids show. :maud:

    3. Woohoo


      You just had to say that... :lostit:

      I don't mind some predictability, but now it's unbearable for me. >_>

    4. Sparklefan1234



      You just had to say that... :lostit:

      @Woohoo :sneer:/:P


      How would you explain the reason for FiM's predicability? :ooh:

  18. Cause we need credit cards to buy nice things like houses and spiffy sports cars, yo.
  19. I plan on donating a little bit to MCM this Christmas, by then I’ll have more than enough saved up.
  20. So she's a glorified dreamtime caretaker. I can get behind this definition. Still don't see any real monsters. Are Mane 6 mentally scarred? Is Granny Smith? She's old as heck. Has anypony been suffering from Luna's absence? We're talking about ordinary bad dreams here not Silent Hill. She went off the deep end alright, shouting at her sister like a disgruntled cheerleader who didn't get the first place. Where was all that sorrow I'm hearing so much about? We've seen how Luna behaves when she is down, and we've seen how she behaves when she is pissed. The Luna in the flashback was not feeling the sads. Is there another side to Luna besides Rich Bitch Luna, Dream Babysitter Luna, and Guilty Conscience Luna? There are characters who go off the deep end due to things like jealousy, so it's not like Luna being such a character would be something particularly surprising. And again, it's not just what the characters go trough but also how. How is very important. Now let me be clear: I do not dislike rich bitches like Pacifica Northwest and Kaguya Shinomiya. I don't even hate Luna. I just think she's overrated. But between you and me, I would have appreciated it if some actual antihero had given her and them powerful unicorns a good spanking. Antiheroes are generally the best choice for setting angsty gals straight, even some of the worst cases. Just ask Farnese de Vandimion
  21. Wow, I finally got my commission done from Hoodie. I am more than ecstatic! :squee:


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    2. TheTaZe


      Thanks everyone for the kind comments. :D

    3. Sparklefan1234


      You're Welcome, My Friend! :D

    4. Twilight Luna

      Twilight Luna

      That is adorable! :fluttershy:

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