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  2. Good morning everypony! How are you all today? 

    Nothing quite like leftover Easter candy for breakfast am I right? :toldya:

    Also, this is my last week of school! :love: Not as in, just for the summer, but as in, graduation finished! (I’m homeschooled, which is why I’m done in April rather than the typical June graduation. We do things a bit differently.)

    Anywho, hellooo Graduation Class of 2019 :proud:

  3. "Objectively the worst." I disagree, and that view can't even be objective.
  4. Obviously Mount Rushmore But what is hidden inside Mount Rushmore?
  5. I don’t watch it, and even if I did I haven’t cared what other people thought of me for years. The best advice to give is to stop caring what people think. The only thing that matters is your opinion of yourself.
  6. 2. That's good. 3. Interesting. Fluttershy, Where did you and Spike get those sneaking clothes you wore to sneak in the castle? Haven't seen you wear that outfit since you snuck out of ponyville to find Twilight, during the Alicorn Amulet incident. Don't tell Trixie I mention that, I think it's something she doesn't like to talk about.
  7. When I do trim it back some it grows back immediately.
  8. Name: Azure Skyblaze Age: Young Mare Gender: Mare Species: Pegasus S/O: Bi Status: Single Occupation: Sky Captain History: Azure was born in Cloudsdale but had moved to Kugletown at a young age, as she was always in awe of the sky captains that flew the sky ships and blimps. She then joined a crew and rose to the rank of First Mate, and then Captain, when her own Captain chose to retire. Personality: Azure is pretty laid back and easy going, except when sword fighting with a rival swashbuckling treasure hunter, that is when she becomes serious. Appearance:
  9. I cannot grow a beard and would never want one. I am a mare. And I'm not too fond of beards on guys either. I like my men with just a little facial hair, or stubble.
  10. I've been noticing my amount of free time has been becoming less and less, and with me starting up work in a couple months, I may hardly have any left at all....except for maybe on the weekends.
  11. 469259 Sorry to hear that Deae
  12. I think because romantic relationships require more...investment, is the word. And sometimes, one person in a romantic relationship might realize they're not ready for said investment and commitment, and they just might feel rushed. In platonic relationships, it's easier cause things are more...relaxed, I guess. For myself at least, I’d be better off with just friendships, they’re easier. Romantic relationships are just not my cup of tea. But, you know, I’m just speaking from personal experience.
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    Goodnight everypony

  15. I'm really looking forward to my New Orleans trip next month, and getting my first job.
  16. 469.258 gg, seems this stuff only has 20GB and guess i reached it by how slow everything loads now, ugh. and internet gets activated only on the friggin 6th may, 2 weeks!
  17. I am allergic against rye pollen, grass pollen, birch pollen, cats and hazel pollen. But the worst for me is definitely rye.
  18. Sunny, cloudless, windy and warm (22°C). Actually really nice weather for easter.
  19. Banned because it does not, as the group itself would be made of more than one creature, otherwise it would not be a group and instead a different creature altogether. Also a group of ponies hugging would require more than one brain and multiple organs that the changeling does not possess.
  20. Personally, I think they should bring Lauren Faust back to write the series finale. The show begins and ends with the creator.
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