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  2. The Mario themed banner I had will be the final header I make for the site. What I do clearly isn't up to par, nothing compared to real art. I will still make my shitty signatures, but site headers are a no go.

  3. Can somepony here explain to me why somepony would like Lapis over Peridot? I just have a hard time understanding that. I really like Peridot and I hate seeing her having her heart ripped out and stomped on by Lapis, and I also hate that Lapis got to save the day by dropping the barn and all the stuff in it(Like their meep morps) on Blue Diamond, like, she just destroyed Peridot's home after stealing it.
  4. Banned for inability to google just so long as they don't also have an evil corpse...
  5. Banned because Black Hat from villainous owns all sorts of evil corps.
  6. Banned because I have no idea what you're talking about.
  7. I wonder if I turn off the stove.
  8. Right. I’ll probably use Kyubi for this. I might throw in another later. Either way, here’s the link.
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