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  2. Have you noticed that no one in the alternate timelines in the Cutie Re-Mark reacted to Twilight being an alicorn? Why was that?
  3. if i got this right, the unicorn just helped us in
  4. I win with the power of the TRUE King.
  5. The theory has been brought up that Pokemon Trainers adopt attributes of their favored Pokemon typing. To whit: Fairy trainers having near-ensorcelled eyes & winglike dress.

     I posit us Ice trainers get hair. Fluffy beards or spiky wavecrest animesque manes, even if balding or tightly tied, we got the best & biggest hair out there!

     What’s your typing like?

    1. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      i definately got the beard part so i guess i'm iice

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  7. Outlawed for not being able to live to tell.
  8. That's fine too. Dragons tend to ignore that sort of thing
  9. Hello ! I recently remade an old drawing from 2015 and I would love to have some critiques so I can improve my art even more! I know I'll never be a renaissance painter but I'm really proud of how it turned out, still I feel it can be improved. I know I messed up on Sombra's back legs :x
  10. special delivery y'all! (thanks mailmare)
  11. Hey! Why did my family members leave without me? We have a lock box with all our important papers and documents. I'd grab that and RUN! (Still don't know why my husband ditched me! I'll have word with him over that!)
  12. From a person who has rped with you before dont try to become the most op. Like taking no hits or damage or a new or hidden super power suddendly appear that is solution to problem or say waste all of energy then get up and have more energy XD..or be very inconsistent with characters attitude.
  13. i hate my state so much. the wind is so strong it literally rips my eyelashes off.

  14. @reader8363 @Dynamo Pad @Sherem (Gonna have to be going to bed after this post, y'all). Busy as a bee, Hot Cocoa managed a small wave before turning her attention back to Rose, "Tell you what," she started off, "you are doing fantastic. I'll talk to my parents and make sure to come in first thing, because I have a good feeling about you." She said, "Now, let's get you an apron so we can cover more ground, alright?"
  15. @Emerald<3 Rose nodded and walked over to the two tables as she smiled the shadows loosened a bit for her to be allowed to move the plates and cups to their correct customers, then she said while tightening the shadows on the remaining dishes, "There we go, and have a nice day." @Dynamo Pad @Sherem @Lektra Bolt She noticed three appeared suddenly, but didn't acknowledge them, to keep her concentration on her magic
  16. @reader8363 "Sounds good!" She said chipperly, handing out the ones she was holding before pointing at the two tables nearby, "Over there." She said, "Those two parties." "Remember, be friendly though."
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