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  2. Yea of course I live in Arizona so I will travel anywhere there. Manehattan New York?
  3. I bet Twilight misses her old blanket with the crescent moons & stars on it. 



  4. ...err, might be worthwhile checking before making such a generalisation. Equestria is a suburb or Pretoria - "Pretoria is considered to be a relatively safe city by South African standards and violent crime against tourists is somewhat rare" and over 60% of the population of Equestria is white. Just saying. A bit chilly, maybe I'll need a t-shirt. Paradise City (Arizona)
  5. Nope, but I have a full set of the original American release Sailor Moon collector cards. (Not a game) Anime DVDs?
  6. That's true. Yes. I am *very* proud of Zephyr for trying something that is totally out of his comfort zone. I told him guarding the castle was *so* easy that even a foal could do it. (It's alright, My Friend. )
  7. This game is simple. You simply name a place you would take the above User shopping to ready go.
  8. @Lady Moonspell Winter contemplated her words in silence for a bit. He ate his breakfast and as he washed it down with a bit of tea he looked up. " I think something is going on and it's going to be I do not want to say big but energetic, to say the least. I really think we need to get you trained as swiftly as is safe so that you can sense what we are dealing with the same way I can. Generally normal earth pony magic or pegasi magic is in our natural talents in ways that just make us seem really good. Oh, the chi can be manipulated to enhance our talents or our physical bodies but only for a short period and even then only with a lot of focus and training. But this... this feels like everything got the dial turned up to ten and the knob ripped off. " He stood and gave her a hug before rushing to his room and getting into his gi. " Lets both meditate and finish our tea. After our minds are settled we can work on your training. "
  9. Fixfics are as valid a sub-genre of fanfiction as any other. If you hate the concept, yet bitch at a user's fixfic because you can, you validate the "don't like, don't read" mantra and should visit the "get-a-life" aisle in your local library.

    1. Sparklefan1234


      "Twilight Sparkle was better before she read Lord of the Wings." :okiedokieloki:

      R'something like that. :muffins:

  10. Yeah, I'm white... I'd be probably caught in crossfire or something, so hard pass! Safe and uneventful visit to Caracas
  11. I love the character design. Twilight looks so CUTE! (Pinkie too, but I like Twilight !)
  12. The blue pony decorates a field of flowers in Spring. *nuzzles tenderly his blue priceless friend* If I only would be able to give you, as a gift at least one totally free, restful day. *sighs* I only hope that my friendly efforts "online" at least make your days a bit better. I am back to the topic of Luna and her sister: Which princess is the best princess? Let's find out! Maybe it is ...........Celestia? Few arguments: She looks more cute. She behaves more majesthic. She is more classy. She looks more attractive. I must admit that you have a very interesting argument, Luna (especially if one take into account the examples above). Well. After long have my vote Luna! It seems that Princess of the Moon has received much more votes than only mine. Hmm. Strange. Luna looks like she would be under certain pression. For example I really would like to know what Celestia has in her hoof on these pictures.
  13. Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath from the album Black Sabbath
  14. @Jedishy Tranquil looked at him "you felt it too?" she asks "I tried to pinpoint it while meditating, but it seemed to evade me" she says to him "mind you, I wasn't trying very hard. What I sensed scared me and I'm cautious about trying without any proper training"
  15. Even if it was stable Nah. Cause I hate the heat so that is a hard pass. Roppongi Tokyo
  16. yeah, Calm, safe, Relaxing holiday in Aleppo, Syria?
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