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  2. Gonna cut my face off and yank my vocal chords out

  3. Sitting on my grandma’s couch listening to FGL
  4. I wanna post a recording of my voice in this here thread...

    But I dunno what do y’all want me to say in the recording? I’ll let you decide. :laugh:

  5. @Blitz Boom Zo was speechless, silent, stunned. Though he clearly understood what Omen told him, it was certainly a lot to take in. Magic? Being remade? Powers of opening gateways to a place that could take him the rest of his shortening life to understand? It just doesn't click, unless his grandchildren's lives have become so bad in their exile. There was a hint of regret in that he could have done something. And the eyes that peered from that other place, from Mother's realm, where the unformed ones looked on in silence... Unnerving looks that could judge and in one way, the fact that he had some disapproving thoughts about Sen and Lin's ordeals had him second guessing whether or not he should even mention them. The longma placed his tools down and sighed. He didn't have it in him to raise his voice but his concerns were too great to ignore. "Your talk of my granddaughter being broken, repaired... And hearing about how you and your unformed kin need to be formed by masters, just like how Lin was fixed.... I don't know whether I should be happy she is better or angry at what happened to her. Just tell me, what becomes of her and Sen? What happens to them now?"
  6. Shit I think I'm gonna get in trouble with my Mom

  7. Thank you so much for the award!!



  8. thanks for the nice words I already use references, which surprisingly helps me out a lot but I understand why some artists think its wrong to do so, when I draw from a reference, I don't feel like its "my drawing" I feel like I am just copying from someone else, its kinda weird, ya know?
  9. JOJO NO KIMYOU NA BOUKEN Probably gonna start working on my backlog actually. I must've put like a hundred anime off over the past 5 or so years.
  10. I’m disappointed that King Sombra never truly fought for his throne accept during the Sombraverse. Of course he’s done stuff like fear tactics and infinity stairs but you never see him do anything that makes him have an actual desire and reason to rule. All the other villains make plans and usually act on them before they say they’ve claimed the throne. I just feel like Sombra could’ve done more, just to be a little more interesting like he was in the Sombraverse.
  11. I learned a lot about it in high school, don't remember much though. I remember that the Mycenaeans were the first Greeks to settle on the peninsula, and that a big chunk of Greece (and other modern day Balkan countries) used to be Macedonia, and that there were a bunch of city-states like Athens and Corinth, and that they were part of a thing called the Hellenic league. That's about it.
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