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  2. I think the first Sim City I bought came on audio tape
  3. Banned for limited imagination; any contiguous group counts as a single object provided the fusion points remain constant.
  4. ... . .the shot kind of reminds of a scene in this movie called "Entrapment" . ..think it might be the lasers.
  5. Why do I get the odd feeling that these series of unfortunate events are interconnected in some way despite how loose these events are at face value? First the New Zealand Mosque Shooting Massacre, then Israel bombing 100 Palestinians after the New Zealand massacre just a day after Then the burning of Notre Dame, and now this? Conspiracy theorists will have a field day on this one. I miss Jesse Ventura and his Conspiracy Theory Show. Shouldn’t this topic be on Debate Pit? Regardless, I express my condolences towards this tragedy and the people who died. May The God of Abraham consider them martyrs who were given an unjust death from the hands of these terrorists.
  6. How many Twilighting moments have we seen in this season so far?


    Yeah, this will work somehow.

    But this is a jet fighter from Atlas.

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  9. I'm thinking of making a clown oc, any ideas or suggestions?

  10. Obviously, I can't name every fish in the ocean, I'd be typing all day, and I need my hands for oven mitt fires. But I can name a few. You got your snarks, those things will tear through your goat. You got algaemanofish, they often eat your mayornaise. Jojceesmonkies are like the face of the ocean and often have hostile relationships with geels. Swahili Mailman O' Andrew Dice Clay, now that's a mouthful. Cornyjibs are full of protein and probably the most common fish in the ocean. Freemusketeerbars have this long and thin nose they use to barbecue with. You can catch Bearombalambas near the deepest trench. Asshoals are the second most common, and you can find people fishing for them all the time. Where did Peter Piper pick his pack of piccolos?
  11. Ol Jack shouldn’t be putting me in a good mood but it’s happening. 

  12. . . .is it a goose? for some reason its appearance is rather reminiscent of a vulture than a goose.
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