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  2. I'm baaack everyone! Beautiful pony princesses for everypony!


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  4. It would be nice. I like both of those ideas.
  5. I mentioned that briefly in one of my previous posts, and I'm aware that it presents a problem. It's nothing that can be addressed without going into speculation though. Either Equestria's insane asylum was filled to the max until Luna came back, some shred of the old Luna was still reaching out from the Moon to do the thing, or something similar to the sun-raising Unicorn squads was brought into play again. We have little to go on as far as dreamwalking is concerned. We've never even seen Starswirl do it, that we know of, but it's official CANON he taught the Sisters how to move the Heavens, so it stands to reason he also taught Dreamwalking to Luna. I have to wonder if the Dreamwalker aspect was in Faust's original notes or if it was added later. Celestia obviously took on the task of controlling the moon, but "Royal Problem" showed she had no knowledge of the "Nightmare war." She was past that point. Depression can quickly turn into anger. When an individual has been depressed for long enough, has done a lot of analyzing and can find no way out, it can quickly turn into very irrational anger. It's when someone is sick of being sad, and decides to actually do something about it. Whether that something is even remotely practical, or would have any chance of actually working if successful, is often irrelevant. Being trapped in depression long enough leads to desperation. One will try to tunnel their way out of that prison with a spoon if they have to. Or alternatively, they'll just try to kill who they perceive as the warden who is keeping them there. (also, did you really expect to see a demonspawn like Nightmare Moon weeping over the podium?) I'm one who would like to see more serious effort put into conflicts. We got it with Tirek, and now once more in S9 which was pretty cool. But there's only so much they can do staying in their current rating. This kind of thing is also something I felt Starlight would have been very well suited for. She wouldn't have had to become a perfect student of Harmony to still have an important role. She practically has done that on more than one occasion, using magic for very unusual purposes, but the only time she ever got into a serious fight was with Twilight. Yeah, see that's why it really irks me and I see "Y U no leik my nite?" as being far too simple. Unless things were radically different, it seems apparent that Luna's life has always been one of isolation. Leaving out maybe having a friend or two that she regularly chats with in dreams (Snowdrop, maybe, but there's no evidence she normally has time for this), a Royal Problem gives us a pretty solid picture of the stark contrast between the two Sisters. While it's not great, Celestia at least got to have a lot interaction. As many will admit to, working a customer desk faced with cranky customers is still "better" than being isolated (with the exception of the introverts who thrive in that environment, and Luna is clearly not an introvert). Since everyone else is asleep while she's up, Luna logically had no other to talk to besides Celestia for a very brief time. At this point, getting disgruntled over everyone sleeping, has a much deeper significance than simple whining about a piece of art that nobody appreciates. Given more thought though, taking into account the nature of talents in MLP, maybe the jealousy angle isn't so weird after all. Control of the night is literally her cutie mark, which means no love for the night is no love for Luna via proxy; it's literally who and what she is. How much self-hatred could that create? Or anger towards fate, or the Tree, or whatever controls that system? About fans influencing official development, bickering CANON is definitely more complex in this fandom as a result. There's a degree of circlejerk between fans and DHX, and as a whole we might as well be the midgard serpent munching on its own tail. The relationship between the fans and the studio, and metaphorically, between us and Equestria, is almost symbiotic. This has interesting implications because the studio is actually responding to us the way that legends of old do, as stories get passed down from generation to generation, certain details become less important and others become more prominent. It's not just the wording but the way it's delivered. Yeah, she was teary-eyed too when Luna accepted her. It just seemed the wrong moment to remain so regal, even if that might have been a bit awkward in front of subjects. Also the wrong time to even mention the throne. It's been a thousand years. I would have expected far more emotion, especially when it was obvious Luna was terrified that she was about to get smote. The bickering of "Royal Problem" isn't really that unrealistic. For example, how often do epic fights happen between married couples that end in a lot of crying and apologies, worth of the climax of a romance film? Now, how often is that actually the last fight? The cynical side of me always had similar thoughts about the "happily ever after" end of Peter Pan, the parents overjoyed that the kids have finally come home and all I could think was, "Right, within a month they'll be acting like tyrants again."
  6. When Shining Armor introduces that line of defense, he says "The castle is surrounded by shards of Queen Chrysalis' throne. Thanks to Star Swirl, its anti-magic powers are now tuned to stop anycreature from using a spell to get inside". So it looks as though Star Swirl could have modified the throne shards to prevent outside magic from coming in (or vice versa), but people inside the castle would still be able to cast magic. Yeah, I had noticed that too. But one explanation I thought of is that the heist could have occurred on a weekend or some other day when classes weren't being taught. So Starlight could stay at the school just to keep an eye on the students living there and to be on hand if something were to happen, but the Mane Seven would be free to (try to) execute the heist.
  7. Hello, and good afternoon everypony!:mlp_grin:

    I got tonsillitis again. Welp. It’s particularly aggravating, the timing of it all, because now I can’t eat any of my little Easter  trinkets without regurgitating, so that’s fun.

    Oh well, better I get it now than in the school term, I suppose.:mlp_rarity:



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      Good afternoon, my friend! :fluttershy:

      I'm sorry to hear about that. :( I hope you get better soon! Those treats will be waiting for you – it might not be Easter anymore, but that doesn't make them any less enjoyable (at least that's how I see it). :rarity:

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      Tonsillitis in the UK was traditionally treated with ice cream... :)

  8. Probably the Pokemon fandom tops the list for me as I've been a fan of the series since the late nineties and never stopped playing the games, it's also the fandom I've spent the most time interacting with online. MLP's probably the second as I've been a fan since 2012 and never looked back but I haven't really contributed to the fandom in any way other than joining a few sites. There's also Sonic I guess as I'm a big Sonic fan with it being the first game series I ever played and still being a big fan of most of the games. However I've never really had much interaction or involvement with the fandom particularly.
  9. Openly spoiling Endgame should be a bannable offense

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      Thanos is in it. :orly::umad:

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      Fluttertastic 16

      @A.V. That’s not a spoiler at all  since everyone already knew Thanos would be in it.

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      @Fluttertastic 16 I know; I was just riffing.

  10. Banned because they are clearly a most primitive people.
  11. We seem to be getting a lot of Twilight panic episodes lately. Even the HWE special had her stressing out. It's like she's not only gunning for Sibling Supreme, but is also trying to win back the title of "Master of the Freak-Out" from Starlight, as Spike puts it. But in this case, perhaps G.M. Berrow really wanted a chance to write a Twilight-loses-it episode before the series ends even though there have been so many? One upside is Berrow's best episode, "The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows" was a really fun outing, so putting Twilight into that kind of situation could work well. From the two promotional shots that have been released, I wonder if the librarian is really happy being retired but Twilight tries to rectify things anyway? I hope not - that treads a little too closely to "A Friend in Deed" territory - and that episode was rather frustrating to see Pinkie sink so low. What's funny is I thought this episode would be the best opportunity to see young Twilight with baby Spike in a flashback to when the book in question was checked out. As it turned out, I got that present an episode early. Some have speculated the book in question could be the one that prophecized the return of Nightmare Moon. That would be a really nifty bit of continuity to the series opener, and fitting as a premise for an episode in the final season. Anyway, here's hoping to another good episode to make it 5 in a row. A chance to have more changelings visit Ponyville is always welcome in my opinion.
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