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  2. Let's say that Westeros and Equestria existed on the same planet and thanks to good old conniving and diplomatic failure they went to war. Who would win? How many losses would there be? And what would be the aftermath? My money's on Equestria as they have quite a few more dragons and what not, not to mention the ability to control weather and the elements. But I do think it would be a battle with several losses, and that Equestria would have trouble holding on to Westeros if they decided to occupy it.
  3. Been working on something neat for the past two hours. :fluttershy:


  4. Cute for their age group, but not "hot" or anything.
  5. A.V.

    Rarity Fan Club

    Talk about starting up a brand-new day:
  6. I don't really like the character design for "One Punch Man"
  7. You got me. I'm an egomaniac keyboard warrior and my good name has been forever ruined by a single sentence of a big brain Brony. Now, do you have something more Luna-related or are you gonna keep poking me with irrelevant remarks about my behavior?
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  11. My room is upstairs at the back of the house. Right outside my window is the roof of the addition that was put onto the house around the time I was born. So when it rains, it's very noisy, but in a nice calming way.
  12. The devil went down to Georgia He was lookin' for a soul to steal He was in a bind 'Cause he was way behind And he was willin' to make a deal
  13. Personally, I think it was just a throw-away gag. It has no impact on anything..
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  15. @Blitz Boom The pegasus named Hooves looked confused at their answer, "Harrowmark?" She shrugged, "That puts you a very long distance from here. Nonetheless it's a pleasure to meet you, we'll need all the able bodies we can get if we're going to make it through this." She gestured for them to follow her as she turned away, walking towards the center oasis of the formerly large city. "As to what's going on, its the same as anywhere else on this continent, survival." Those they passed glanced their way, they all seemed tired, worried. "But I'm sure you two are well acquainted with that aren't you? I heard Harrowmark got hit pretty hard after Discord couldn't break the Blackwater shield." She gave them a momentary stare as she opened the door to a large tent next to the diminished oasis, and held it open for them to enter, before she took a seat on the far side of a table that bore a map of Equis, only it didn't look quite like it did the last time they had gotten a look at it, a large area that covered much of the open area between Troy and Equestria had been circled and labeled Dead Zone, with another circle around a marker labeled the Gates of Tartarus, which was well within the dead zone. Delicate gestured for them to take seats on their side of the table, "Now, it's clear to me that you two aren't from Harrowmark, and I can respect a certain desire to be cautious, but if this community is going to be strong, we need to be open. I'll answer any question you two have, but I ask that you answer mine in return. Is that fair?" She looked at the two expectantly, she seemed relaxed, and unarmed. "If you don't mind me asking then, where are you really from? and how did you really get here?"
  16. My theory, is that it was a freak accident with farming equipment or something? Maybe it didn't even involve farming equipment, it was just a freak accident in general. Or maybe, it was timberwolves or some predatory animal like that. I honestly wish they'd reveal the cause of their death in the show. I doubt they ever will, though.
  17. The MINIS tho mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  18. Honestly, how many characters have even died during the whole show? I dont hope the magic of friendship can be used to nuke someone. Either it neutralized the evil within Sombra which is why Grogar has no more use of him, or he will be back in finals because why would they still mention Sombra but not freak out over that two huge villains are MISSING from the monster prison........... or they really did a terrible job if they actually killed him off like that...
  19. I love M&Ms. I HATE those dastardly impostors, Skittles!
  20. Sometimes the grandiose and wild fan theories get sort of cringy, in my opinion. In the early days of the fandom, it helped fuel a lot of the haters to hear such wild theories behind some minor point in an episode.
  21. It's not really impacting the game if Miko is the only fox involved. And it's not just Kitsune. Multiple races can be inherently magical. Doesn't mean all of them get magical powers. Just that it's a bit more common. And fundamentally better in what way? It's been made clear that all pelijae have been nerfed to human levels physically. Heck, there's still more humans with powers then there are whole races with inherent magic. And even with inherent magic, there's still only a few with actual powers. The only thing that sets Miko apart from the cast in terms of ability is that she can theoretically live for millennia. Outside of that, she's just as vulnerable to injury, as evidenced by her W/L record. Just as powerful at magic as the staff, if not less so. Still stuck at the same lousy teaching job as everyone else.
  22. I just live in a one story house...technically two story if you count the attic. I miss having my bedroom up where I could look out, though. What about all of you?
  23. Oh excellent. So while working so hard on trying to make others look bad you miss a totally obvious facetious joke. Well that settles it.
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