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  2. The name Apple Core makes me think of one particular Donald Duck Short: "Apple Core!" "Baltimare!" "Who's your friend?" "ME!" (gets splatted with an applecore) OUCH!
  3. That was so much fun to watch! I loved how they portrayed the sibling rivalry with some great callbacks to earlier episodes and seasons. Spike was truly the winning in this episode though! It's great to see him finally be confirmed as the "little brother/son" status to Twilight. I knew it's been portrayed that way for a long time, but it's great to finally hear it for real!
  4. Yes it does, because I am the one who can end it.
  5. Amanita: *she smiles at Blacky and pets her a little* Yeah... How do we even plan it? Shining: *she falls asleep* Scarlet: *she burps and so does Smelt* Ember: Alright, now to read that letter. *she opens it and starts reading*
  6. Much like "The Saddle Row Review", this is an episode with a basic premise that works because of its unpredictable and zany execution. It also helps that it has a layer of heart thanks to the theme of family.
  7. I’m not waiting on anyone so when I get the chance I’ll try to post tonight.
  8. oh yeah baby let's spiral!!!!!!!!!!! yeehaw!!!!!!

  9. Sorry for the lack of being on here. Life and prepping for graduation is taking presidence right now.

  10. Favs so far (iMO): Rainbow getting dressed up to disctract Zephyer (and she's wearing mascare) and Apple Corn (Refenence to Dale Evans) And a bit a Sparity (a bit)
  11. You know an argument is bad if a guy who's overweight and likes to spend a lot of his free time watching 80s anime can easily poke a million holes into it.

  12. This situation is very sad, but the fact that it happened in the holy week is even more so.
  13. I wouldn't mind if Megan McCarthy writes it as long as its good.
  14. Now THIS! This is the one I was not expected to get things that I wanted, and things I never knew I wanted but glad to have it! XD Seeing the callbacks and references to previous episodes is pretty neat here and it fits in with the plot so nicely done. The mane 6 and Spike all get their limelights and the jokes they put in all landed home swiftly. My favorite one was definitely the Luna petting the goose one. The expression and a sudden twist in turns of it makes it all the more hilarious and quite fitting with how Luna used to love setting traps in the two sisters’ castle back then. The highlight of the episode for me is Spike and the lesson of family bonding. It’s true that Shining and Twi are BBBFFs. There will always be rivalries between the siblings, of course. But we finally see a really important moment for Spike and have him prove to himself that he wanted to be a part of their rivalry because seeing them competing each other makes him want to be a part of their fun even more. Seeing the two acknowledged Spike for who he was, a part of their family, is really sweet and it’s somewhat connected their bonds even more in my point of view.
  15. Yeah, I mean I practically raise my kid sister. Also I think that they want to start better identifying Spike as an adoptive brother because we may actually be getting his real family this season. Good catch
  16. A purple #T-villestrong t-shirt (for my hometown following the tornado back in December), Green sweatpants, grey socks and a St. Louis Cardinals ballcap.
  17. And Zephyr Breeze unknowingly being a part of Spike and Luna's plan was a nice touch since all 3 of them are the younger siblings.
  18. This will probably go down as one of the funniest episodes in the entire series.
  19. @Lady Moonspell (Oof, another name change uwu) Hmmm, the pillows in front of the fireplace sound a little warmer~ *she hears something as well and turns her head towards the noise, her ears flicking* Hmm?
  20. Very funny and adorable! I loved how everyone played a role in the story, and even showed new sides of the Mane 6' personalities from their own ideas to break through the castle. Shining got some much needed development, it's honestly nice to see more of him and to know that Twi and Shining never always got along (no cadence is seen either actually). Same deal with Luna and Celestia, we get to see them both argue like sisters again, and it is so hilarious. And the plan between Luna and Spike is great too. And little tidbits like baby Spike, baby Apple Bloom, Maud, Zephyr, etc.. All of it is unexpected, and it's what makes it so fun. This was a great 200th episode
  21. Like I said, she looked like a James Bond Villain like that
  22. I have 16 MLP plushies lying in my bed
  23. Holy crap, that was right! I'm dumbfounded they gave it to Spike. I thought Twilight would win. Also Spike is now confirmed little brother and not adopted son. That's going to make for some interesting discussions between the son vs brother camps, though both can be true in that Twilight raised a little brother. That segment with him and Fluttershy in the pit was interesting, some new stuff to think about how Spike views his position among ponies.
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