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  2. I figured it was only a matter of time with the number of platforms (PC/Mac, Consoles from PS3/360/Wii U to the current generation, handhelds like the Vita & 3DS, and various mobile platforms) the game runs on and the spread of use through sites like YouTube and Twitch. It's a legit great game so I'm pleased to see this myself; even if I haven't played it in years.
  3. My mom seriously needs some anger management classes

  4. The latest episode of Attack On Titan might be the best so far in season 3 and one of the best in the show period. It was incredible. I now have immense chills and goosebumps from it. This is definitely one of the greatest shows of all time and I am so happy it exists.

  5. Certainly not, as it would probably end up a massive pain and money isn't everything.
  6. Golly, I think you might be confusing us with another Legion of Doom...
  7. Not gonna lie, I got a little emotional seeing this guy finally show up in the mail


  8. It's surprising more then 40% of voted people do not celebrate it. I always waited for my birthdays, but in the last years it changed, I'm happy if the next one is far from me in time. I celebrate them still, but now it does not feel that good when my number increases by one.
  9. I have kept the ones that have a special meaning to me.
  10. @Dynamo Pad Crystal smiles and nods before looking at the time "Six is likely when I'll need to go home, my husband will be there to look after Onyx, but I start work at eight" she says with a smile, fluffing up a little "I think it'll be great for us all to get together and have dinner some time" she says, "Why not discuss it with Night, she is my superior after all, so she can shift my schedule to fit" she giggles.
  11. I don't know really. My sneeze isn't necessarily loud but it's not super quiet either. I guess I just sneeze....normally?
  12. Uhh....I name my vehicles, but electronics? No.
  13. I've had a horsefly bite me once and I've got stung by bees and wasps before...and don't even get me started on how many times I've stepped on a fire ant hill.
  14. Once I moved to high school. I stopped having parties. But I do still celebrate it with my family, and have some delicious cake for the occasion.
  15. I'm pretty average tbh.
  16. Yes. The mosquitoes are especially bad at sunset in the summer time here.
  17. Yes, I have, many times while playing laser tag in a dark room.
  18. It depends on what I did that day in said outfit. If I kept it super clean then sure, I might wear it the next day. Or not. I just like wearing clean clothes.
  19. I think I did once before, when I was in Hungary.
  20. I think it was about a year ago? I was sick with a stomach bug is all but it was bad enough it kept me up leaned over the toilet basically all night. Not fun.
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