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  2. Obviously, I can't name every fish in the ocean, I'd be typing all day, and I need my hands for oven mitt fires. But I can name a few. You got your snarks, those things will tear through your goat. You got algaemanofish, they often eat your mayornaise. Jojceesmonkies are like the face of the ocean and often have hostile relationships with geels. Swahili Mailman O' Andrew Dice Clay, now that's a mouthful. Cornyjibs are full of protein and probably the most common fish in the ocean. Freemusketeerbars have this long and thin nose they use to barbecue with. You can catch Bearombalambas near the deepest trench. Asshoals are the second most common, and you can find people fishing for them all the time. Where did Peter Piper pick his pack of piccolos?
  3. Ol Jack shouldn’t be putting me in a good mood but it’s happening. 

  4. . . .is it a goose? for some reason its appearance is rather reminiscent of a vulture than a goose.
  5. Would you rather have the flying capabilities of Rainbow Dash, the magical abilities of Twilight Sparkle, or psychic like Pinkie Pie? Personally I think magic would be so convenient and would make me literally invincible among measly human mortals xD but flying at the speed of sound is just too hard to resist... so i guess I'll go with flight.
  6. Soratalu - A schedule of rates on a farmstead. Tiototikallanderson
  7. @Dynamo Pad Scarlet smiles "Driving cuts the time of the trip there and back in half pretty much" she says as she nods "If you think about it, on the train it'd stop at every stop, unless it was express, but it would still take more time. Only stops we would make are traffic lights outside of the highways and any we want to make" she says as she drove up to the bakery and nods "I remember dear, but thank you for reminding me" she says as she parks the car outside of Sugarcube Corner and getting out of the car.
  8. Never thought I’d see the day cursed kin shift would bring a good mood as opposed to total  panic and shit. Interesting. 

  9. My Hero Academia. "That's like if you open up the Legend of Zelda and inside is like Miyamoto's birth certificate or something. It's like who fucking cares?" Is that from Markiplier? I know he says "goody goody gumdrops" sometimes.
  10. Hi Lyra, Roseluck, and Nyx! How was Easter egg hunting?
  11. Hi Mane Six! Happy Easter! AJ and Rarity, how was Easter Egg hunting for your little sisters?
  12. Tried giving A Royal Problem a second chance. Less than halfway through, and I still dislike it. A lot. No, it's still nowhere close to the badness of F&M, Hard to Say Anything, Honest Apple, or Secrets & Pies, but it's still not good.

  13. How is everypony doing?

  14. Welcome to MLP Forums SparkDaKirin. :pinkie:

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