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  2. To be honest, I don't particularly like the name change, so I'll be going back to my previous username.

  3. I want an Equestria Online where the game isn't trying to cause a mass physical to digital exodus (like a fan fiction I read). Just log in, be a pony or other species, fight monsters, level up, cook, whatever And everyone's in the same world, or a limited amount of channels/instances. Maybe 5 or so of each major zone Slice of life with the usual online game stuff
  4. ...Which holiday?

  5. hello and welcome eeyup, it makes sense, as you can see, there are quite alot of people who felt the same way, i like to believe that this show is made for all ages even if it innitially was made for little kids, that's how Faust likes to make her shows, having timeless messages that resonate with people of all ages, my niece is watching some other kids cartoons and i have to say the difference is enormous, most of those are unwatchable if you're not 4, once again, welcome to our little corner of the internet
  6. More Fluttershy wow there really making up or all the flutters abuse in the past this will be her 3rd episode. Not to mention she has the second most amount of appearences. And nice to see were getting another cmc episode thou i was hoping it was a Sweetie Belle only episode.
  7. @PinkieShadowThank you very much for following me! I really appreciate it!

    *hugs for my new friend*


    1. PinkieShadow


      @DivineGuard1000 *hugs back my new friend* Thank you!

  8. Such wonderful ponies. :ticking:


    1. Tacodidra


      Lovely artwork! :darling: Especially Fluttershy is very cute here! :kindness:

  9. We got two more synopses for episodes that haven't been out yet If I'm being honest, while these don't sound bad, they're still pretty underwhelming Daring Doubt at least sounds like a better episode final episode for RD than 246G but I'd rather it be about the Wonderbolts instead(or both in a perfect world). Fluttershy is an interesting addition, as the only time she and Daring interacted was in a comic that, if you can get past the awful art, was fine for the most parthopefully it's better than Daring Done at least The other doesn't sound too out of line for the final season, but it honestly doesn't sound too interesting given it sounds like something every other kids' show and their mother has done a million times before EDIT: Ninja'd
  10. Episode 21 & 22 revealed before the double Chinese release on friday.
  11. Seth MacFarlane's The Orville is more Star Trek than DS9 or Discovery for that matter. :P

    1. ~Dusky~


      I've seen a couple of episodes of it and I can definitely agree it actually feels more like Star Trek and is WAY better than the garbage that was DS9.

    2. Renegade the Unicorn

      Renegade the Unicorn

      If anything, it evokes TOS and TNG than the later shows, which kiiinda grew too dark and edgy for my tastes, y'know?

  12. It takes two to tango!


  13. This one's a physical board game, rather than a video game, but it's something I've been puzzled about why it does not exist already. Given Hasbro owns several game companies, I've always wondered why they don't take advantage of that with cross-product games. As a note: I'm writing this as I go along off the top of my head, none of this has been playtested or even checked for reasonableness. Basically, it's an attempt at making a collectible game out of their existing collectibles: the blind-bags. The goal of the game is to make friends, the one who makes the most friends by whatever the end conditions is wins. The base game starts with a bunch of tiles, each tile representing a location from the show. Each turn, you draw a random tile and place it, much like any other tile-drawing game. This tile indicates how many ponies are in that location, and any modifiers to gameplay in that location. (Some may make it more difficult to make friends, or easier, or make things more complicated.) If you want to plan for tile expansion sets, you could have the base set be Ponyville locations, with Canterlot, Manehatten, etc. as expansions. Each tileset has a recommended number of blind-bags to get as well. This will get expensive as you get more sets, but that's capitalism for you. Next, all the blind-bag ponies get a small card with a description and some simple statistics like 'friendliness' and 'movement', and maybe some kind of quirk for a more advanced game. Since these cards don't exist yet, they are available on the Hasbro MLP website for downloading. One of those blind-bag ponies is your playing piece, you move it around the tiles, up to your movement statistic. The rest of the blind-bags you own are randomly drawn from the 'stable' to place on the tiles as indicated. You land on a tile with ponies, you can 'make friends' by rolling against their 'friendliness' score, modified by the tile you're on, one at a time. If you fail, you have to stop there, even if there are ponies you haven't tried to befriend yet on that tile as your turn is ended. Any you succeeded to make friends with, you take off the tile and put in your 'herd'. This is your score. Game ends when one player gets 'x' friends, or the tiles run out, or something like that.
  14. Cookie Crisp, Cocoa Puffs, Lucky Charms...too many to list.
  15. Still have to go with Malt O' Meal's BAGGED Oat Blenders. Bagged Cereal is the better cereal though just saying.
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  17. I really love seeing how offended Trump is by the squad. :laugh:

  18. We haven't seen human forms of other ponies, like Dr. Hooves, Cheese Sandwich, Fancy Pants, Ect. More likely, because Starlight was not from Ponyville, Canterlot, Manehatten or Las Pegasus, her human form is somewhere far away from Canterlot High or Crystal Prep. And we are most likely never going to see a human Sunset anyway because if we did, pony Sunset would have to go back into the pony world forever like pony Twilight did so Sunset wouldn't cause confusion, and Hasbro does not apparently want her in the MLP show itself, so that would be good-bye pony Sunset, which won't happen.
  19. Thank you friends for the friendship, I love you all <3


    1. Tacodidra


      You're welcome! :kindness: And thank you too, my friend! :rarity:

  20. Adorable pfp bro

  21. I'm feeling fairly upset right now.
  22. 478.110 He-1 post the whole day?
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