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  2. Oh, come on. This is hardly the end of the brony fandom. It's only the beginning. Fan creators will be doing animations and fanfics years from now. There will still be brony cons, merchandise, whatnot. And let's not forget, there's always G5 on the horizon. MLP FIM has pretty much staked its permanent claim in the annals of pop culture.
  3. What belongs to you, yet others use it more than you do?

    1. PoisonClaw


      Your name. And no, I didn't use Google, I've just heard this one before.

  4. Wait what? Why would I use such hyperbole in a serious debate? I'll use it on a clown post, thank you.
  5. Well Avegers Endgames about to start. I gotta to see you guys later. 

    1. Twilight Luna

      Twilight Luna

      Enjoy the movie! :-D

  6. I live in a small village. Everything is pretty much a minute from my doorstep save for the train station which is a 10 minute walk away. Then it's just a ten minute train ride into the city if I need to go there for any particular reason. Terrible place if you're trying to find work though.
  7. Such hyperbole is best served in a more serious debate.
  8. Me a week or two ago: "I used to dream about Tetris blocks that would never line up right. Now I dream about the fuzzy select tool." :scoots:

    Me today: "I used to dream about the fuzzy select tool. Now I dream about hair. Just hair, all night long." :sealed:

  9. Is this Spike's shipping chart? 




  10. @Denim&Venom Even if I were to grant that magic were around since the dawn of time I'm still flat out against a specific race being all inherently magical. I expressly said I was okay with lifespan variance cause it wouldn't have a material impact on the game. Your characters ENTIRE RACE being inherently more magical and fundamentally just better than every other race WOULD have a material impact on the game. It's the same issue as trying to make them 20 times stronger than humans and stuff like that, You're reaching too far. Longevity doesn't really need to be magical. There are types of creatures around right now that live for very long times, much longer than humans. Most of them aquatic based interestingly enough.
  11. Cute, but not attractive to me. How about the son of my OC and @Emperor Blu Traincrown, known as Shining Train?
  12. Luna goes off the rails, wants to hurt her own sister, shroud everything into eternal night, and rule over ponies like a cruel despot. Luna fans: There's clearly more to this than you can see in the show! Celestia mentors Twilight, does a few practical jokes, and gets captured here and there. Luna fans: Omg she's an evil mastermind! And she's also incompetent at the same time! Celestia fans: You're clearly biased for some reason. Wanna tell why? Luna fans: Well ... Luna was so interesting back when she had no character development. Celestia fans: #NotAllLunaFans H-Bro is promoting violence against children. Go on. Jump into the rabbit hole.
  13. Better to be straight to the point then just having a long drawn out answer a paragraph long.
  14. Playing videogames with my friend while my room is cold enough to wear a hoodie. Some chicken nuggets and a chocolate milkshake would be great, too.
  15. I've seen the Zodiacal Light from my house well after sunset, but it's faint and the eyes have to be dark adapted. The top of the cone is just above the tree line. It's pretty neat. 

    I hope to see the Gegenschein and natural airglow one day!  :o


    1. Fluttertastic 16

      Fluttertastic 16

      What a beautiful view and sunset.

    2. Mirage


      I can see the Milky Way really well where I live but nothing like that!

  16. My name is Willy McCoy but down home they call me slim. I'm looking for the king of 42nd street he drivin' a drop top cadillac Last week he took all my money And it may sound funny But I come to get my money back And everybody say Jack don't you know
  17. Talked about my problemsBut they wouldn't listenThat's why sometimesI'm in my own bubbleTo get it by myselfI'ma get my own (Got the song from Just Dance. Yes, I play Just Dance)
  18. Upsetting, never thought Berrow was a bad writer, I did however think she was very middle of the road. Some people just expect a high tier episode every week when it just isn't realistic. Looking back, I don't think Berrow has written an episode I actually don't find at least okay excluding The End in Friend.
  19. A clear night where the Gegenschein, natural airglow, and Zodiacal light are visible . The first two,however, would require Class 2 or darker skies, which is rare in the eastern half of the U.S.
  20. My friends tell me, that I've been such a fool. But I had to stand by and take it baby, all for lovin' you. Drown myself in sorrow as I look at what you've done. But nothing seemed to change, the bad times stayed the same, And I can't run...
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