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  2. For the love of Me! Why is Vamprisaurus Rex not a thing?!!?

  3. Chloe, Queen Bee and her Kwami, Pollen for me. They're all part of the same package and stack up as my favorite.
  4. myPony.png.60a333ad8c57d4ce0c95444424df9209.png

    Whatcha think of Roswell’s new look, Venny?

  5. Lets just say I had 3 hours to leave the country for (insert thing that would cause many refugees) I would just empty my school bag and a gym bag I got from a Supermarket's bank for free at school, Then I'd grab a fabric tote bag I have and force all my clothes and underwear in one of the bags (I dont havr many pieces of clothes) Then pack as much of my stuff as I can cram into the bags (which would probably be a large amount of what I'd take), take my Twily plushie and try to get to the nearest safe country (yes the nearest safe country, since that's kinda how being a refugee works)
  6. The point of the movie isn't to be innovative, Disney are aware that everyone already knows it is a copypaste story. I don't see the problem :p Compare this to the star wars reboot. The Force Awakens was supposed to be the continuation of the saga, the start of an adventure with new characters and a new story, yet everything is a copypaste. That's something to be criticized.
  7. Okko's Inn. Not bad. It had nice animation style and interesting characters. One of the better new animes I've seen in a while.
  8. for next week, I nominate an EQG marathon of Forgotten Friendship, Roller-coaster of Friendship, Spring Breakdown and Sunset's backstage pass.
  9. I enjoy fighting, spying on people, sneaking into places I don't belong and enjoying the scenery from the rooftops of buildings at night. I like singing too, but there's nothing weird about that.
  10. okay guys I haven't watched past season 4, is pinkie pie still best pony???

    1. Shiki


      I'm sorry but starting on season 5, Rarity is officially the best pony

  11. I'd like to say that there's clearly a lot of talent behind the live action remake coming out tomorrow. That said, it's lifeless, colorless, unexpressive, and has no character.. I wouldn't rather watch a Lion King themed nature documentary than the original. This and every other live action remake are gonna be a hard pass from me. That's exactly the issue. The original Lion King is good, so of course the remake is gonna be good by default as long as it's true to the source material. The visuals are definitely impressive but they're unfitting, and the story itself is impressive but that's because it's literally from a movie that already exists and nearly everyone loves.
  12. My goal is to have something to do when I'm bored, so I come here and waste some time.
  13. I'd rate myself a 4 out of 10. I'm not insecure, I'm not exactly stuck up but I probably give that impression and that's fine with me. I'm not the nicest person in the world but the few friends I have receive my undying loyalty for life. I'm intelligent and smarter than most would think; this isn't ego talking, just truth. i'm not so modest that I'm going to lie about it. My best quality is loyalty to my friends and protectiveness toward them.
  14. *plums you*

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    2. Shiki


      Yeah, let's chitchat tomorrow. uwu

    3. Jokuc


      >implies I'll actually remember going on mlp forums tomorrow


      I'll put my brain vault to work

    4. Shiki


      Um excuse me

      You better come back 

      for me 

      i'm worth it

      I'm worth remembering 

      I'm important 

      And special 

      And amazing

      And dazzling

      And you better come talk to me tomorrow

      Or else

  15. Well of course. It is in fact among my favorite animated movies of all time. A true masterpiece. I saw the cgi "live action" remake today. It has been getting a lot of negative comments recently, so I was curious to see what I would think. And just as most people also say, it's almost a shot for shot remake of the original with a few lines, shots and choreography changed here and there to make it fit with the more realistic theme. Honestly, I don't think it deserves all the negative criticism it's getting. The movie was - just as the original - very good. It is the same movie after all. What you could argue is, however, that since the movie is meant to be more realistic looking (And it really is! The team has done an amazing job, the landscape almost looks like it's filmed in real locations) they are unable to include these silly moments or artistic scenes such as the scene with the animals during the song "I just can't wait to be king". Since they aren't going with the animated look, they are unable to give the animals certain expressions and quirks that made their characters unique and interesting in the original. This is a fair criticism but again, as the point with this movie is to make it more realistic I believe they did it really well. Lastly I see a lot of people shitting on the movie because they did not take any risks by making changes to the story and they are only making this movie for nostalgia cash grabs. While this might be true, I think that 1. This is what I prefer. I would have been sad to see them change the story I love so much. That's why I went to see the film after all. 2. This is criticism that should be targeted towards Disney, not the movie. The reason why the film was made should not matter if the film itself is good.
  16. Hello and welcome back to the herd!
  17. I'd take basic survival stuff; warm clothes, gun, knife, non-perishable food, matches flashlight, batteries and a map, and my blanket for sentimental reasons. Then I'd steal my cousin's car (she can come along) and head inland toward the mountains. I don't need much else because I don't collect a lot of things I'd want to bring along.
  18. Hi there. I hope you have a great Friday.

    Be safe out there buddy. :)

  19. I too wish that they could have more variety in regards to the emoticons. Hopefully, they'll shake it up a little bit more in the near future. In the meantime, though, here's a sight that I'm sure all of us would love to wake up to every morning.
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