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  2. uh idk maybe if he isn't to much trouble
  3. My issue is stuff is already leaking out about it since the Chinese language version is out there. I really loved knowing absolutely nothing about 19, and with 20 that's no longer possible. Since we kind of know what 25 and 26 are about, that leaves only 4 episodes where we can really go in blind, and that's not a whole lot.
  4. My was this barbie doll clothes set and this Unicorn. She is very pretty
  5. I don't know why I'm trying to figure out what happens to Rose for the loyalty element, but I have time to figure out
  6. @Emerald<3 Rose walked with Hot Cocoa and said, "Does that usually happen with new ones coming around or were they just a special rude occasion?" She forced her to give up on getting revenge. She is done with that line of work, if need be, she can threaten them to change.
  7. The new episode was so awesome. I really love this seasons use of facial expressions. So many memes coming in the future lol.
  8. @Blitz Boom Nay, nay. Watch me Neigh-Neigh. ...that needs to be an Equestrian dance. What I read, was that @Dji had the alicorn move up after Cherish went in first and didn't get a reaction. Being ghostly, whether re-corprealizing or not, Cherish couldn't effect much or be heard much. Then Twilight stepped forward, after Stand's stepping forward, which would put her much closer. Razzle's reacting to proximity. Because, y'know, tiny, dinky, vestigial eyes. His Designer didn't really keep a lot of things in mind. I ram things together. That's how fusion works. Every fanboy knows this! I am trying not to play my intent to far ahead of time, but Razzle Frazzum's not durable... its just too dense of a plant to cut through. My theory is that plants don't have a nervous system, so just wounding one won't have any effect, especially when its roughly the size of a wagon-house like Trixie or your Happy Hour has. I won't dissuade you from slashing a plant though... Like even, say if you took a slash at your everyday Hippo. It'd hurt, but they're just too bulky for it to make much of an effect. Admittedly, as you stated, anti-magic blade, so you might cut deeper in then most other blades, but still. I am actually trying to avoid a convential battle here. And BE-SIDES, Honeycube! I feel bad picking on poor Last Stand! Which, of course, surely has nothing to do with my authors soft spot for "Strong, Independent Mares." Though I will grant you that Razzle certainly is a Strange Pickle. Now If you'll excuse me, I'm off to go Lounge at a Princess. /commences aggressive slouching at Cadence I do so love the way you typo sometimes, Blitzie!!
  9. Hey, so about this comment.... SPOILER| Leaked episode.
  10. @Lektra Bolt @reader8363 @Dynamo Pad @Sherem Seeing him made her heart break. Cocoa came back out and hugged him quickly, "It's alright. Just remember to leave these kinds of things to me, okay Lektra?" She finally went back inside, levitating cups of hit liquid along with her, serving them as she walked along with Rose, trying to converse with her.
  11. They were welcome back? Really? Okay..... I felt like my face was burning to a crisp. I was so embarrassed. "I'm sorry. Really I am. You're right and this was uncalled for." I had to tell this story and I hoped she would listen. "You see, my sister was bullied in school when she was younger. She's a teenager now, but when she was very little other foals made fun of her for the way she talked. She talks hyper quickly, and unless one has trained to listen to her and hear what she says, they can't understand her. No pony in school could understand her, and she was bullied basically constantly. The bullies did not leave her alone when talked to, and I had to come to her school often to handle them when our parents were busy. The only thing they responded to were threats and actions, so this is how I respond when someone is mean since those days. I really am sorry my friend, and I just hope I can get some of my usual order to calm down a little?" I didn't want to trouble her though, so I went back and sat down, trying to get some work done
  12. My last status update was a lie, I needs me two men

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  14. She nods "Alright love" she says and nuzzles him "How about tomorrow then?" she would ask, still holding him close "We can make it a just us day" she looks at him and kisses him on the lips, her tail wagging happily "And don't listen to the other you, he doesn't know what he's talking about"
  15. Usually, just Flash. He *really* loves going fast.
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