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  2. Not very long. I say about a month or so. But I've been flying through eps.
  3. What am I even still doing up right now it’s 3:05am.

  4. The final nail of the joke before I forget ..... again too bad I won’t be able to watch it live. Got a job
  5. 8/10 Equilibrium
  6. I'll say, even though Trump might make some stupid decisions... like really fucking stupid... but you had the choice between WW3, with fucking RUSSIA! or a senile retard that is a disapointment to his Scottish heritage, Having someone who is completely senile and retarded and a dissapointment to all Scottish people, is better than being in a nuclear world war... with fucking RUSSIA! Once again, I don't currently like either political party (looking as an outsider), although I would be more inclined to currently support GOP, to ensure that the world doesn't end up in a world war, but instead of Germany being the assaulting force, this time... it'll be America! GOP aren't great either, but it's between being dragged into yet another US conflict, or having someone who is really senile and spends more time in our country, than the one he rules! I believe in all people should be treated equally, but some groups can want special treatment (this is coming from a gay, politically left leaning autist, I'm part of the groups that have the highest amount of people part of the problem so I can tell you this) and the point when we reach Equality, will be amazing time for the next generation! So we should just start trying to put away our differences, and see that the 1% get taxed the same amount as store managers!
  7. I have to disagree with you on this assertion, as the timeline of production will show that there is a reason Starlight wasn't utilized properly in Season 6. First we have confirmation that the writing crew at DHX wanted to put her onto the cast of the show way back when they finished writing the finale at least around mid 2014 since Haber started working on the season 6 premiere late 2014 She was conceptualized to be part of the show way back in 2014 months before she even made her first on screen appearance. The reason this is important has to do with Hasbro and the show being a product to sell merchandise. Back in 2014, Starlight had little to none of it in the works (at most a brushable) so in terms of marketing thrusting her into the spotlight would have been a huge marketing faux pas on Hasbro's end as at that point she wasn't even on the public's radar so why would they want to put resources in a character apart from the Mane 6 that has no public appeal in their eyes. Hasbro as a company is very narrowminded when it comes to their media and unfortunately it is difficult to make such a big story change on a more market based show. It's very likely Hasbro did have a strong influence on Starlight's execution in Season 6 but that was all predetermined back in 2014 when DHX got the okay to keep her in the show but with stipulations. (Secondary character status, not a part of the Mane 6, kept only to episodes she is the focus of in the same vein as the CMC and Discord). Unfortunately, it was too her detriment to treat her character that loosely defined, but by late 2015 when the finale reception was in full swing, Haber had little to no influence on the writing production of the Season anymore so him and Jim Miller just had to roll with it.
  8. That pony is seen only in two episodes of the first reason. It's a dream pony of some other pony and in finale it seems like this pony is very arrogant toward that other pony. Who is that pony?
  9. I would like to join! I sing kinda bad, but I really enjoy singing :3 I have a mic, though is not really good, but I hope is enough
  10. Bingo we have a winner. Is it perhaps Starlight Glimmer?
  11. Goodnight all.



    I hope every pony has a great Easter weekend.

    1. Deae Rising Shine~
    2. Cwanky


      You too bud! Happy Easter everyone!

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  13. Copy link and find me on YouTube, i recommend you to Subscribe if you wanna help me grow, so popular Bronies can hear me shout! ^^
  14. A repeat but I think it appropriate.
  15. Is it Derpy Hooves? Oooki... hmmm... A gifted Unicorn with powerful magic, thinking much differently from other poneis and not experienced in social situations (not that it's bad right).
  16. Yes and no really, some of my earlier post are probably a bit cringy to look back on but nothing really that bad there, think it's probably the same for most people. I don't worry too much about my past content though and sometimes find it helpful to look back as if you feel your content has improved it shows the growth you've made over that time.
  17. Yes, usually prefer to eat it with milk but sometimes I just feel in the mood for eating it dry as it tastes different.
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