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  2. gets a notification on DA Message Notifier


    notification amount - 6.


    looks away for five seconds, before checking again.




    Me: "NANI?!"

  3. Right. Spike assists me all the time. Sadly, he has difficulty understanding me when I rhyme.
  4. Leni Loud's fashion vlog.
  5. "In that case, we would have to distribute the enchantes weaponsnas fast as possible, get our allies such as the changelings and the dragons from the Dragonlands, then we would invade. It would at least be three nations against one. It would be hard fought though. We would have to go into a full wartime economy." "I'd say we could bring the Yaks into this, but what would they be able to do? Run around screaming at things? I don't think that will work against something with scales." "Then again, we could just have Princess Twilight and her friends do that rainbow laser thing, but we won't be able to depend on them forever, so while it may work in that moment, it will hurt us in the long run since the more we depend on them, the weaker our military becomes."
  6. I thought this topic was about pet peeves, not whether or not an given OC is good enough. My main pet peeves are: When people miss the point of my posts, especially when it's intentional. You don't have to agree with me, just hear out the point of my message. People who do nothing but look for negative things to complaint about in any form of media and never even acknowledge the positive things.
  7. I'm having a special Easter dinner with my family tonight with mac n' cheese, ham, green beans, and delicious rolls!

    1. Mirage


      Enjoy your time with your family. Hold on to your loved ones tightly!

    2. Loyal Defender

      Loyal Defender

      I will! My stepdad thinks I'm too old for easter baskets, but I'm really not. :muffins:


      Plus it'd be a nice little thing for my cats to sleep in.

  8. If strictly sticking to canon I have to play most non-pone OCs as Goblin Slayer or they're shit at doing anything against lol-so-random canon magic. Buck that shit.
  9. Great job on the banner art! You're such an inspiring fan and anypony is lucky to call you friend.

  10. I'm surprised so many people here don't. I'm with you!
  11. Plum rakija or maybe a dry merlot depending on my mood. Water is fine too. What are you most disappointed about?
  12. No we have not, but going by one of the screenshots they published It will be most likely either garbel or the orange dragon in the corner, because they look kinda similar. And garbel is not sensitive from what was shown at least. However he is the most characterized dragon out of the dragons (not counting spike, smolder and to some extant ember).
  13. I tend to prefer standard water, though a lemon slice certainly doesn't go amiss on occasion. What is your favorite beverage overall?
  14. Maybe it's just my gamer sense but every time some company lapdog starts barking praise to their own work I cannot help but think it's going to be a clown fiesta. P.S: What their VAs always wished to do? Don't tell me AJ and RD are going to marry each other.
  15. Oh I recognize the style. :ooh: Really nice banner @Totally Lyra:mlp_yay: 

    1. Wannabrony


      I agree! This is a pretty great banner! :squee:

  16. Good morning everypony how is everypony on this already hot Friday morning?

    1. Dynamo Pad

      Dynamo Pad

      Good morning, my friend! I'm doing pretty good. I had to turn on my air conditioner because it was really hot in my room. :laugh: 

    2. Kyoshi


      I can't say I am feeling great. Feeling down about a lot of things.

    3. Sondash Studios

      Sondash Studios

      Good morning mate!

      Doing pretty good, just chilling a little on the forums. What about you?:P

  17. Happy Birthday. R.D.! :darling: Be sure to have an amazing day today, with pastries and confections abound!

  18. Happy Birthday, Frostgate! :grin: Be sure to have an absolutely breathtaking day today, preferably with an abundance of cake!

  19. But is she a motherly character? What are the traits that make a character motherly? Is Celestia not a motherly character? How about Flutts? Have we seen anything within the dreamscape that is not but a figment of pony thoughts? There is nothing there that warrants Luna's job position, except Luna herself. Luna is Luna's own job, it would seem. How is she an antihero? How exactly does she have a dual nature inside canon? You do realize the antihero types use their burdens as motivation. Luna crumbles at the first sight of very surmountable adversity. Like subjectivity cannot be explained. You've pretty much described a pony version of political populism. People with issues tend to vote for those who promise them the world. And as is often the case with such candidates, each hardcore fan sees what they want to see: their personal Luna OC.
  20. Same answer. Do you prefer plain water or do you have to have something in your water to drink it?
  21. The answer to that seems to change every month. How often do you talk to your partner about things they do that annoy you or you wished they'd stop doing?
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